SEAN HANNITY: Republicans should heed Ronald Reagan’s advice amid speaker battle

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Fox News host Sean Hannity said tonight that a deal is under way that is expected to go “a long way” to resolve differences in the GOP’s House speaker fight.

SEAN HANNITY: Tonight with good news I can confirm, great discussions have been going on all day behind the scenes while these votes were taking place today with Kevin McCarthy and many Republican holdings. And I can report, at this time, that a document is being drawn up that will go a long way to resolving differences.

Will it take Kevin to 218? We won’t know until maybe sometime tomorrow, maybe Monday. If anything, it would probably be just a few votes short. But definitely progress. It is true tonight at this hour. No doubt you, the American people, are patient, but that patience is wearing thin. The vote totals remain unchanged three days straight.

We have 200 Republicans supporting McCarthy, 20 supporting someone else. In the past 24 hours, Kevin McCarthy has made several additional promises to the rest. This is before these meetings today, including a new threshold of one vote for a leave motion. In other words, one Republican can cast a vote to oust the speaker if he doesn’t keep his promises. And McCarthy also agreed to add Freedom Caucus members to the important Rules Committee and promised individual votes on each of the 12 appropriations bills, as well as a vote on term limits for members of Congress… promises to America. It’s on paper. He signed it. That is a promise in cement.


He has made detailed promises on the economy, including less government spending, less regulation, domestic energy production, energy independence, protection against China, around our supply chain issues . Also, promises related to foreign policy, border security, ending the capture and release of Biden, and, of course, rolling back Trump’s successful policies on the border. Police funding, yes, that is important. Parental rights, big technology and big government censorship. Election integrity. Protection for the First and Second Amendments and much more of that document. He signed it. This is an agenda that Republicans support. It includes key studies, overviews, a strong stand against all of Biden’s irresponsible policies. And by the way, it has agreed to every study we’ve talked about so far.

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