Sean McVay says he’s committed to coaching for ‘years to come’, feels he owed Rams ‘more’

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A few months ago, there were rumors that Sean McVay might be done with coaching, but now the head coach of the Los Angeles Rams says he wants to continue coaching in the future. The Rams went 5-12 in 2022, just a year after winning the Super Bowl and that result made McVay question what his next step would be.

After admitting he wanted to evaluate things, McVay says the time to think was beneficial.

“When you go through some of the things we went through last year, you can get really lost when things become more of a burden than a blessing,” McVay said (via When you really step back and have a chance to reflect, sometimes that reflection is best served after the humbling experiences and the challenging experiences.”

Where the Rams are not right now is somewhere McVay felt comfortable leaving them. He said he felt LA deserved more from him.

“To say as a competitor that’s something I would have been comfortable walking away with, no,” he said. “I wouldn’t have felt comfortable walking away from a position where I think I owed more to the people than that. “

This is not the first time that a question has been raised about the future of coach McVay and he hopes that it is not an annual debate. He wanted a long-term commitment to the team with a decision that is “in alignment for years to come, not an every-year kind of deal.”

“I’m really committed to not making this a story every year,” the 37-year-old said. “Because I know that’s probably something people are asking or asking, and I’m not taking that lightly. That’s why the reflection, because there was no question whether you wanted to coach again. It’s really just, ‘Are you going. to be able to the to have the right attitude to be the best version of yourself for the players and coaches?’ And I feel confident that that can be there moving forward.”

McVay has committed to the team and now has the challenge of trying to turn them around from last season’s struggles. The Rams are in a tough spot with few draft picks and cap space and injuries to key players last year.

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