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The world needs more entrepreneurs who positively impact the lives of individuals. Today, most businesses seem to focus on the financial side of business. But when businesses show their customers that they care about them, it fosters trust and loyalty between the company and the customer.

Toto Steubesand is a prominent CEO and Managing Partner who oversees two successful businesses that have provided countless people with ways to protect themselves in their everyday lives. Toto began his career in the family laundry business before spending 18 years in the military. He decided to continue serving the people after retiring from the German Navy by putting his efforts into the AbwehrKraft martial arts academy and the full service company ZST Security.

Toto and the team at ZST Security prioritize the needs of clients and their families, as well as providing them with better security services. With every transaction, Toto guarantees a highly confidential procedure that promotes customer confidence by always maintaining confidentiality and discretion. Toto’s mission has always been to provide local residents with an effective security option. His company installs alarm systems and window locks, provides personal protection from a trained bodyguard, and sends out a detector if there is suspicious activity in a residence. Toto Steubesand strongly believes in protecting the privacy of his clients and their families, and has been doing so at ZST Security since 2013. He is currently an active partner in the company.

Toto has also been instrumental in the success of AbwehrKraft, a martial arts academy. AbwehrKraft collaborates with ZST Security to provide the community with self-defense courses taught by certified professionals. AbwehrKraft was founded in 2016 with the mission to increase the confidence and safety of people in vulnerable situations. The program aims to teach people of all ages and backgrounds “Israeli Krav Maga,” a self-defense style known as the gold standard in the self-defense industry.

Toto and his team have worked extensively with community members, large corporations, and creatives from various backgrounds at AbwehrKraft. The group will customize a plan for each person or group that will be most effective in supporting their training progress. People of all backgrounds can benefit from training courses that prepare them for close combat, weapons use and other self-defense situations.

Toto Steubesand continues to serve the community of Kiel, Germany and has done so for decades. Not only has he established himself as a leader among his clients, but he has also served as a life coach to many. Toto’s prominence in his community earned him a place Famous People Hunted: Germanyan Amazon Prime show about ten famous people living off the grid while experts try to find them.

To learn more about Toto, follow him on Instagram @toto_steubesand.

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