Shakira’s father was in the ICU when she found out about Gerard Pique’s alleged cheating scandal

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Seakira revealed that her father was suffering serious health problems at the time she was told she was ‘cheating’ with ex Gerard Pique.

Talking to People in Spanishthe pop singer revealed that her father, William Mebarak Chadid, ended up in hospital after a serious fall “injuring him badly”.

It was at this time that the Hips Don’t lie the singer found out about her husband’s infidelity as a football player.

“[My dad] I went to Barcelona to comfort me when I was consumed with grief for my separation and while he was there at the first communion in Milan he was seriously injured in an accident,” Shakira told the magazine

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Shakira and parents
Shakira reveals that her father was in the ICU when she found out about Gerard Pique’s alleged affair. (Instagram)

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The singer explained the difficult time when she found out that her husband had been cheating on her.

“Everything came together, my home was falling apart,” she recalled.

“I found out from the media that I was betrayed while my father was in the ICU.”

The star expressed how she felt that she would not survive the hardships she faced and felt that she was lost without her father.

“[The] the best man in my life, my father, left me when I needed him the most,” she said.

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Shakira's father with her two sons
“I couldn’t talk to him or get much needed advice from my best friend. (Instagram)

“I couldn’t talk to him or get much needed advice from my best friend. “

Despite the difficult time, her father made a full recovery, with the singer and her mother Nidia Ripoll celebrating her 91st birthday in September 2022.

“His recovery has been very hard and slow, but he is an amazing person and an attractive character to all of us who always amazes us with his strength,” said Shakira about her father’s recovery.

The star spoke of her father’s suffering, describing his past challenges and praising him for overcoming COVID, two accidents, pneumonia, five surgeries “all at the age of 91” the less than six months. “

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Shakira and her mother
The singer and her mother Nidia Ripoll celebrated the patriarch’s 91st birthday in September 2022. (Instagram)

Shakira also appears to have shown resilience, slowly healing from her messy split from her husband and father of her two sons, Milan, nine, and Sasha, seven.

In June 2022, Shakira confirmed the news that she had separated from Gerard Pique after 12 years of marriage.

“We are sorry to confirm that we are separating,” she wrote in a statement on Instagram.

“For the sake of our children, which is our highest priority, we ask that you respect our privacy. Thank you for your understanding.”

Despite not confirming a reason for their split, fans believed Pique had been unfaithful after Shakira released music with messages that sounded like screams and snarls, but the party never confirmed or denied the rumor.

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