Shakira’s success is the best revenge for Piqué’s break

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Colombian singer Shakira is often referred to as the queen of Latin music. She is credited as the pioneer who expanded the global reach of Latin music singers. Since breaking up with ex Gerald Piqué in June 2022, Shakira has gone from strength to strength as an artist, releasing several hits including “Monotonía” and the her history album “Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 53”. Shakira has also received several awards and has been nominated for several Latin Grammy Awards this year.

It cannot be denied that 2023 became Shakira’s year. Through this collection of stories, we honor Shakira’s current success, where she started, and the impact she continues to have on the Latina community.

If there’s one thing people can take away from Shakira’s public breakup with FC Barcelona soccer star Gerard Piqué, it’s that flexibility has never looked so sexy. The world-famous singer was already a superstar before she began her 12-year relationship with Piqué. But after the tragedy, she is taken to a whole new level of fame. Despite ending her relationship with the father of her two children and facing tax fraud cases in Spain, this shooting star shines so bright today that it’s blindingly exciting all at the same time.

While you may have experienced disappointment and the heartbreak that follows, it may not have been under the watchful eye of the world public. However, we can learn so much from Shakira’s major breakup and subsequent comeback.

“Draining romances rob you of your most valuable resource—your energy,” Dinorah Nieves, PhD, a behavioral scientist, consultant, and life coach, tells POPSUGAR. “You may have bursts of inspiration and happiness here and there, but you lack the trusting connection with yourself or the other person. [that’s] necessary to maintain your health.”

Even Shakira, a record-breaking singer with more hits than we can count, lost herself in love. In fact, she recently revealed how a move to Barcelona for Piqué set her apart creatively. But when she rediscovered and remembered who the hell she was, she never stopped healing, growing, and leaving Piqué behind in the dust of her once heart. broken

In love, we can give too much without realizing it, just because the endorphins of amor feel so good that we accept the euphoria it gives. But when you remove those rose-colored glasses and see reality for what it is, a shift happens, and you can stay in the low-vibration love or come out of it. .

“When we’re in relationships, we participate in an energy exchange with our partner,” Erica Priscilla Sandoval, a spiritual healer and social worker, told POPSUGAR. “Sometimes, we can feel dead if they seem to take too much. Actually, we are the ones who give too much. We are in control of our own energies, and no one can take what we give. “

Social norms along with cultural roles and expectations influence many romantic relationships. Women, in particular, often understand how well we live up to these expectations until we don’t even recognize our own reflection anymore. It can happen to anyone who is not sensitive enough. After all, Shakira is an internationally famous singer, and she had to find herself again after a heartbreak.

“Despite the great progress we’ve seen in women’s rights, we still live in a fundamentally sexist culture that often measures women’s worth against domestic stereotypes,” Dr. Nieves says. “We are praised for martyrdom and punished for setting boundaries. In family-oriented cultures, the pressure to sacrifice oneself for the good of the community can be even stronger.”

Certainly, it was a terrible blow to Shakira’s ego when she found out that Piqué was cheating on her with a woman more than half her age. But that might be just what she needed to remove herself from a relationship that wasn’t serving her the way she deserved. The universe has an interesting way of alerting us if we are turning a blind eye to signs of trouble. And the truth is that since Shakira broke, she has dropped hit after hit, broken records, and received several awards, including Billboard’s woman of the year award at the magazine’s first Mujeres Latinas en la Música event.

“The universe will always give you what you need, as long as you’re open to receiving it,” Sandoval says. “Even in the darkest times there is a light at the end of the tunnel, because we are that light – we just have to let go of the things that don’t serve us. “

And Shakira did just that, as we witnessed her healing journey. She used music to heal her wounds and send a message to the people that heartbreak is not only temporary, but that women from all walks of life can bounce back and come back stronger than ever.

“No one knows the important details of a relationship better than the people closely involved,” Dr. Nieves says of Shakira and Piqué’s public breakup. “What we can talk about is, however, the memories, fears, hopes and questions that public romances and disappointments bring us in. They offer us great opportunities to look at our own love lives, record to take ownership and create change. if we want to be that brave.”

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