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“After years of experimentation, I categorize my personal style as cyberpunk grunge in the fall and winter and Sirencore in the spring and summer,” says summer. “Depending on the country and the season in which I travel, I also like to play with the heart academy.”

“I usually style my look around one standout piece,” the fashion influencer continues. “In this case, it was a vintage layered maxi skirt , and then I choose pieces that complement its shape, color or texture. Whatever, I black out my eyeliner for a grunge aesthetic. Since this skirt is long, it was known I needed a lift so I threw on my favorite thin leather platform boots from Jeffrey Campbell Platforms are comfortable and elongate my legs This skirt could be made a a basic cottage look if I hadn’t added an oversized leather jacket.leather and linen to reflect my sweet but rugged personality.I decided to keep this look minimal by wearing a basic black tee from Aritzia from the collection aca Sunday Best, and it is the highest quality of the series Silver rPods Max’s with a vintage designer purse that never fails to elevate any look, which is why I chose my gray Balenciaga City bag.”

For a similar look to the old green summer skirt, you can snag this dark green maxi skirt from Walmart.

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