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Australia has a rich history of crime thrillers. It is a film genre that has inspired Australian talents such as Eric Bana, Ben Mendelsohnand Joel Edgerton to successful careers in Hollywood, with its dark, violent, and even at times darkly funny stories filled with charismatic characters and embracing filmmaking, successfully translating across the cultural divide to audiences on worldwide. Now comes a new addition to the canon Solution (2023), a crime drama that tells the story of a former special forces operative named Ryan, who finds his once idyllic life taken away from him when his wife Justine and their unborn child are killed in a car accident. Still in deep grief and unable to bond with his teenage son Billy, a desperate Ryan is sent into the criminal underground, along with his old crew leader Johnny, to bring some heads together and help whatever is left of his family survive.


Solution stars Avatar and Terminator: Salvation a star Sam Worthington as the film’s main character, Ryan. Joining him yes Matt Nable as Johnny, known to US audiences for his role as Ra’s al Ghul in the CW series Arrow; Phoebe Tonkin as Justine, who became popular with her recurring role as Hayley in The Vampire Diaries; Damian de Montemasthe Australian character actor, who gained fame for his performance in the crime series Underbelly II: A Tale of Two Cities; Susie Porterthe pregnant actress who starred in a popular TV series 101 West and Wentworth; and Edward Carmody in his debut as Billy. Solution also written and directed by Nable, who previously wrote the screenplays for the biker crime thriller Prohibition and the sports drama The Final Winter. Solution marks his directorial debut. John and Michael Schwarz (Close Risk) is producing and the music for the film was composed by Lucas Altman (Franklin), with cinematography by Shelley Farthing-Dawe (Pawno), and edited by Jonathan Tappin (Rising wolf).

Solution has received early praise for its strong performances and approach to its story of veterans who have a unique set of skills and now live in times of crisis. With the Australian-made crime film releasing today, here’s how you can go about watching Solution.

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When is Transfusion coming to US movie theaters?

Solution is getting a limited theatrical release in the US on March 3, 2023. Saban Films is handling US distribution for the film. The film had its world premiere on January 5, 2023 in Australia.

Does Transfusion stream online?

Solution currently streaming in Australia only, on the streaming service Stan (also home to films like gold and Nitram), where it was released on January 20, 2023. We have yet to hear about a US streaming release for the film, but there are options for those who prefer to watch movies at home.

Is transmission available on digital and VOD?

For the cord cutters out there, here’s the good news: Solution also releasing on Digital and VOD in the US on March 3, 2023. You can buy or rent the film on Amazon, Google Play, and YouTube. Get it on Amazon with the following link:

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Watch the Transfusion Trailer

The official trailer for Solution released in February 2023, through distributor Saban Films. At almost two minutes long, the film is heavily marketed as an action thriller with a long-haired Sam Worthington, often firing his rifle, while co-star Matt Nable fills in. the gaps with surprising success. This differs from the Australian trailer released on November 28, 2022, which is much darker and brighter and features the song “Beautiful Crime” by Tamer. You can watch that trailer in the player below:

Transition (2023) Showtimes

Since the film is only getting a limited release in the US, you may have some trouble finding a theater to watch it in. Well, don’t worry! You will get Solution showtimes and tickets at a theater near you using the following links:

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More Australian crime movies you can watch right now

matt naable in transmission
Photo via Saban Films

Animal kingdom (2010): The first movie from David Micoid is a harrowing crime story that focuses on the journey of one young man, Joshua “J” Cody (James Frecheville), through the morally corrupt world in which his criminal family lived (led by Jackie Weaver and Ben Mendelsohn in the best turn of a career) and a justice system that is rotten to the core. Guy Pearce lends gravitas as the only good cop who appeals to Cody’s sense of right and wrong.

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The Square (2008): The first feature guide from Nash Edgertonand features a script co-written by his brother Joel Edgerton (who also stars in the film), The Square David Roberts stars as an ordinary man in over his head and with literal blood on his hands when a love affair with the wife of a local criminal leads to blackmail, murder, and much in the way of paranoia in a film that many have say “the Coens down.” Crime thrillers don’t get tighter than this.

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Two Hands (1999): Heath LedgerIn his debut role the late great actor portrays a small-time crook who is in over his head and in debt to a local gangster (Bryan Brown) hell on getting his money back. Ledger’s screen presence and great talent are felt in every frame of the writer/director Gregor Jordan‘ a fast-paced and deep crime caper, which also stars Rose Byrne.

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Gettin Square (2003): Director Jonathan TeplitzkyThe Gold Coast-based crime story about old people trying to go straight in a very crooked world features the usual cast of colorful characters who are hard to talk to, but there’s a delicate touch that sets it apart Gettin Square from the rest of the population. Starring a fresh-faced Sam Worthington, the film also features a great comedic performance from the mullet outfit David Wenham.

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