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Simone Biles, 26, spoke out against Gymnastics Ireland after a viral video showed a young black gymnast being overwhelmed at a medal ceremony when her white peers were awarded after a recent competition. The Olympic champion took to the comments section of the video, which was originally taken in March but was posted on Twitter on September 22, and revealed that she sent her own supportive video to the gymnast as she also express her disappointment at the terrible time.

“When this video was circulating, her parents contacted us. It broke my heart to see, so I sent her a little video there is no place for racism in any sport at all!!!!” Simone’s comment has been read.

Simone Biles
Simone at a recent competition. (Kyle Okita/CSM/Shutterstock)

Shortly after the video received a lot of backlash and the gymnast’s parents said she was snubbed because of racism, Gymnastics Ireland issued a public apology via a statement on their website. In the statement, they said that the case was resolved in August, but the girl’s mother has denied that, and said that the family had not received a true apology, according to the statement. Irish Independent.

“We are aware of a video posted on social media relating to an incident that occurred over 18 months ago at a GymSTART event in March 2022 about which we received a complaint from the parents of one of our members,” said the statement read. “Subsequently both parties agreed to enter into mediation which was independently facilitated by Sports Disputes Solutions Ireland in accordance with our policy/procedure which resulted in a resolution of was agreed to by both parties in August 2023.”

The website also provided background information, which said that “the officer” involved in the incident “expressed deep regret for what they described as an honest mistake and asked for an opportunity to to personally apologize to the competitor and her family,” but the “request was initially denied.” Gymnastics Ireland also said a “written apology” had been issued “by the named person” and “has since been sent to the competitor and her family.”

“Initially we attempted to address the matter through the informal process of our discipline and complaints policy,” they also wrote. “However, after a series of communications with parents they informed Gymnastics Ireland that they would not be involved in the process and that they were seeking legal advice.

In addition to the complaints of Simone and other online users, the US gymnast Jordan Chiles called the incident “beyond hurtful on so many levels.”

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