Sister Wives Season 18 Episode 13 Summary: The most amazing moments

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  • Kody’s relationships with his wives and children are stressed, and his priority is focused on his relationship with Robyn.
  • Robyn hopes that taking part in the Zoom call with the family will improve her reputation and bring children back into the fold.
  • Kody is reluctant to bond with his children, for fear that they will criticize him, and he does not want a relationship with them unless Robyn joins.

Sister Wives Season 18 episode 13, “The Elephant In The Room”, brought the Brown family together for an exciting event, but shed more light on how Christine Brown, Janelle Brown, and Meri Brown feel about their future with Kody Brown. Throughout Sister Wives season 18, the Browns have spent time trying to rebuild and mend what was broken between them, although Kody is having a hard time making sure Robyn Brown feels heard in the mix. After falling out with Christine, all of Kody’s relationships hit a rough patch. Despite trying to stop his anger about the split, Kody is left with shallow relationships with everyone except Robyn.

After Janelle and Kody’s big hit early in the Sister Wives season 18, the relationship between Kody and Meri began to deteriorate as well. The couples couldn’t keep their lines of communication open, and even though Janelle felt like she was taking the blame for Christine’s departure, Meri and Kody just weren’t talking at all. Kody’s relationship with Robyn became the most important thing for him to focus on, which was already Kody’s priority, anyway. In the latest issue of Sister Wives season 18, the state of Kody’s relationship with his family became clearer than ever.

Mykelti & Tony hosted a Zoom Sex Show

It’s a boy…and another boy!

On an awkward Zoom call that included Christine, Kody, their daughter Mykelti Padron and her husband Tony Padron, along with many other members of the Brown family, Mykelti and Tony hosted a gender reveal for their twins . While everyone was excited to come together and support Mykelti in the next chapter of her life, the call was very uncomfortable for Kody and Robyn, who felt that they were frustrated. Kody, who has not communicated much with many of his children, was worried about anyone he has disappeared from trying to talk to. Although Kody and Robyn were uncomfortable, everyone made it through the call without a hitch.

Robyn was hoping to be called by the family that he would make a comeback

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown in a dark blue dress trying not to smile

While Robyn was nervous about the Zoom call, she was also open about the fact that she hoped it would help the rest of the family. Despite Robyn openly blaming the larger Brown family for uprooting her and her children, she was hopeful that she would be present on the Zoom call pushing them to take her children back to the fold. Robyn is frustrated throughout Sister Wives season 18 to stop all the issues in the family about her and her children, and although she did not succeed here without making Mykelti’s big day about her children, she was supportive of the next step at Mykelti and Tony.

Kody shared his fears about connecting with the family

Sister Wives Kody Brown

While Robyn was worried about her kids feeling left out of the Zoom call, Kody was worried about something else entirely. He passed the Zoom call fearing something difficult would come up, especially since he hasn’t made much effort to spend time or connect with many of his children lately. For Kody, the kids who didn’t reach out to him, he didn’t reach out either. He was worried about connecting with everyone because he was sure there were some kids who would choose to blow him up, and he didn’t want to deal with that.

Kody does not want a relationship with his children unless Robyn is included

Sister Wives' Kody & Robyn Brown looking badass

At one of Kody’s Sister Wives season 18 interview excerpts, he revealed that he is not interested in a relationship with his children unless they also want a relationship with Robyn. Kody explained that he and Robyn are closely related, and if his children are going to have a relationship with him, they can’t unless they also have one with Robyn. If his wife isn’t involved, Kody said he can’t, in good faith, move forward in a relationship with anyone. He doesn’t want to bond with his children anymore if that means Robyn is at a disadvantage, but he doesn’t see it as poor parenting.

Meri was not invited to the Sex Show

Meri and Mykelti have a difficult history

Montage of Sister WIves' Meri Brown at her bed and breakfast

Although the rest of the family was invited to Zoom to reveal Mykelti’s sex, Meri was not. Although this was only slightly touched upon at the time Sister Wives season 18 episode 13, Meri’s absence was discussed by a few family members in interview segments. Christine said that as the children get older, they get to choose who they want to interact with. Mykelti has openly chosen not to interact with Kody’s first wife, especially after her dark times with Meri in her younger years. Instead, Meri was at her bed and breakfast at the event.

Christine revealed that she is afraid to start dating

Christine Brown from Sister Wives

After Zoom announced that Mykelti would have fraternal twin boys, the family went their separate ways. At a dinner hosted by Mitch Thompson and Aspyn Thompson, Christine’s daughter, to celebrate Ysabel Brown returning to North Carolina for school, the family talked about what’s to come in the New Year. Tony and Mitch had some fun kissing their mother-in-law Christine, asking her when she was going to start again. Christine revealed that she is afraid to start dating, even though she wants to, because Kody is the only man she has ever dated in the past. Despite being scared, Christine said she is ready to go out and try something new.

Janelle And Christine talked about their relationship with Robyn

Sister Wives Christine Brown Kody Brown Janelle Brown

Taking a road trip to see Christine’s brothers in Idaho, Janelle and Christine spent some one-on-one time while traveling through farm country. As they drove, the two women discussed their relationships with Robyn, comparing notes on her behavior over the past few months. Christine and Janelle both felt strange about the way Robyn portrayed herself as the victim when it was especially a problem in their family. Janelle said she hadn’t felt the need to talk much with Robyn, pointing out that the pair hadn’t shared time in almost a year. Both women agreed that Kody is indeed married to Robyn, at this time.

Kody explained that he uses friendship to distract him from his problems

Montage of Sister Wives' Kody Brown

As Kody took some time to himself, he explained that when he is able to spend time with his male friends, it distracts him from the struggles he faces in a plural marriage. While hanging out with his friend Brian Coalwell, Kody explained a long-drawn metaphor for himself as a husband. Kody and Brian were trying to bring a sports car into a trailer hitch, but Kody didn’t measure anything before the day they were ready to bring the car into the hitch. Without any planning, the car didn’t fit and Kody was frustrated. Just like the husband he is, Kody was upset when his half-hearted plan didn’t work.

Janelle And Kody revealed that they do not consider themselves married

Kody Brown Wives Sister Janelle Brown

During her time with Christine, Janelle reflected on the state of her relationship with Kody. She explained that although she and Kody had not been formally released from their marriage by church officials, she no longer sees herself married to him. After choosing to spend 10 months apart, Kody and Janelle said they didn’t see themselves married to each other. Kody explained that he thinks they may not have put in enough work to save their relationship, while Janelle said she feels they have both grown past their time together as a couple. .

Christine and Janelle shared their desire for independence

Kody Brown at Sister Wives, with Janelle & Christine Brown looking badass

While they were together at Christine’s brother’s home, Janelle and Christine were able to talk openly about the lives they want in the future. While Christine has been independent since leaving Kody, it was clearer than ever that Janelle was interested in leading a similar life. Christine was thrilled to hear that Janelle was truly ready to leave Kody and already seen her single. Throughout Sister Wives season 18 episode 13, it became even more apparent that Janelle and Christine will continue to support each other through this new independent phase of life.

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