Solving the Emma Stone Parody of Sydney Sweeney Movie Trailer

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Emma Stone and Nathan Fielder they are having a field day on the internet.

On November 17, Oscar and the comedian won drop a video about their new series The Curse that was almost identical to commercial for Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powella romantic society Anyone but you published on the previous day.

“Check out the trailer for my new show,” Emma said in a clip posted on X, formerly Twitter, prompting her costar to pause, “Um, my new show.”

After some light banter, the The Land the actress relented and called the series “our new show.”

“Better?” she playfully teased Nathan, who simply asked that they “play the trailer” for their series.

Rolling her eyes, Emma said, “Oh my god.”

Social media users quickly noticed that the pair appeared to be spoofing a November 16 video of Sydney and Glen also shared on X. In that clip, the costars also questioned who the film on was it line-by-line, before Sydney gave up and rolled her eyes.

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