Sons Of Anarchy could have had a very different ending for Jax

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Sons of Anarchy had a sad but satisfying final episode, but the series could have given Jax Teller a very different ending. Let’s take a look.

Sons of Anarchy it ended on a sad but fitting note, but it could have given Jax Teller (Charlie Hunnam) a very different ending. Sons of Anarchy took the audience to the fictional town of Charming, in California, to take a look at the world of motorcycle clubs through the ​​​​title group. Led by then VP Jackson “Jax” Teller, Sons of Anarchy saw his rise to President of SAMCRO and his eventual fall, because although he had good intentions for the club and intended to follow his father’s wishes, he made the same mistakes as his stepfather and President ‘ club, Clay Morrow (Ron Perlman).


Over seven seasons, Jax tried to keep SAMCRO going and fulfill his father’s plans for the club, but over time, Jax realized that some of these wishes would not be possible. Jax made various bad decisions throughout Sons of Anarchy, and his mother’s lies in the show’s final season led to his downfall. Jax’s terrible decisions caught up with him and, according to club rules, he had to meet Mr. Mayhem, so Sons of Anarchy ended with the death of Jax Teller. As heartbreaking as this was, it was a fitting end for Jax after all he had been through, but Sons of Anarchy it could have a completely different ending.

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Sons Of Anarchy could have let Jax live

Sons of Anarchy ended Jax's death scene

Gemma’s (Katey Sagal) lies all over Sons of Anarchy Season 7 to be involved in the death of Tara (Maggie Siff) released a series of crimes led by Jax, who wanted to avenge the death of his wife. Among those crimes was the murder of Jury White, the Sons of Anarchy Nevada charter president, because Jax believed he had betrayed the club, and after a jury said Jax’s father might have to kill himself, Jax impulsively responded and shot him in the face. After Jax learned the truth about Gemma and Tara’s murder, he came clean to the rest of the club about Jury’s murder, and they had no choice but to send him to meet Mr. Mayhem. However, his SAMCRO brothers could not bring themselves to kill Jax, so they let him kill himself on the road, as a reflection of his father’s death.

In a promotion interview The Lost City Z (through PopCulture), Charlie Hunnam was asked if there was an alternate ending Sons of Anarchy, and revealed that he thought Jax’s story was going to end differently. Although Hunnam wasn’t sure if “it was through conversations with Kurt [Sutter] or not”, he assumed Jax was just going off into the sunset, but once the final episode was near, he had to have a talk with Sutter. Hunnam was still adamant that Jax would live, but Sutter replied that Jax might not ride off into the sunset…and that’s exactly how he went. Hunnam said he can’t believe that wasn’t Sutter’s intention all along, so Jax met his end in the show’s final scene.

Why did Jax have to die at the end of Sons Of Anarchy

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Although some rules were bent throughout Sons of Anarchy, there was a lot of respect for Mayhem’s vote, showing that there are some unshakable rules that should be respected. Besides, Jax wouldn’t have lied to his brothers just to save himself, and there was no way to keep track of the fact that Jax had killed a member of the club. Jax, then, had to die because that’s where his actions and decisions led him, even if most of those were the result of Gemma’s lies. Jax paid for his crimes and, in the end, let himself go without remorse or fear, giving Sons of Anarchy a sad but satisfying ending.

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