Sophia Bush & Grant Hughes Divorce Details! And another idea that something bad happened!

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We are still trying to find out the details behind it Sophia BushI decided to separate from hubby Grant Hughes – but maybe we can get some insight from the details of the actual divorce?

The One tree hill alum released the unexpected filing on Friday afternoon, with a source revealing:

“Sophia and Grant were friends for 10 years and bonded during COVID through their love of community service. They run their non-profit together and remain good friends.”

The couple had only been married for about a year, after a lovely home wedding ceremony in Tulsa, Oklahoma last June. As the source said, they only recently met – having been romantically linked for so long that the public only knew about it in 2020.

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So what happened to this fairytale romance between old friends? That messenger said they would still be friends, but at Sophia Instagram feed says different. She immediately deleted Grant from her page like a rude stain on your favorite blouse.

So what happened?!

It may take a while before we find out. For now, however, we know at least some key actions from their legal department. Apparently despite falling head over heels, Sophia had the foresight to sign a prenup. She is one smart cookie.

According to court documents obtained by Page Six On Wednesday, she is asking the court to enforce the prenuptial agreement. Sophia specifically requested that no spousal support be awarded to either party. Her lawyers requested that “each party will receive their separate property assets and debts according to the terms of the agreement that the parties signed before their marriage” In other words, the TV star and the entrepreneurs walking away with everything they own – although the legal team noted that “the exact nature and extent of the parties’ assets and liabilities are unknown at this time.”

That’s especially important for Sophia to ask because she has a little more money than he does. Her estimated net worth after her nine seasons One tree hill AND four on it Chicago PD is $11 million. His – from efforts like setting up the health tracking app Shift Focus – about $6 thousand.

So assuming he doesn’t challenge the prenup, it looks like it will be a smooth divorce for once in 2023. But we still can’t get over how quickly this went south.

See, one more thing we learned. Sophia filed for divorce (due to “irreconcilable differences” naturally) last week – but she listed the separation date as June 27. That’s just two weeks after the anniversary the twins – and a sweet post on her IG (since deleted) in which she called Grant:

“Today marks 365 days since being called ‘man.’ The best decision of my life. It still feels exactly like this. Excited. Running towards the future, smiling and laughing, together. I love you, my favorite. Happy birthday.”

Two weeks later, and they dunzo? That’s not growing apart and a conscious disconnect, something happened. She hasn’t said anything publicly yet, but she did quote post on August 3:

“Sometimes you have to remind yourself that you are something special, irreplaceable. Your heart, your mind, your conversation, your care, cannot be replaced. By anyone.”

Hmm. Maybe one day we’ll learn what the heck really happened…

[Image via Sophia Bush/Instagram.]

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