Sophie Monk shows questionable football skills in support of Matildas

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Sophie Monk has lent her support to Matildas “legends” in a hilarious video showing some questionable football skills.

Ahead of the Aussie team’s semi-final match against England in the FIFA Women’s World Cup, the Love Island Australia hostshe took to her Instagram to congratulate the team.

“Does anyone else think they are a football expert right now? So proud of you @matildas,” she captioned the clip, which was filmed by her husband, Joshua Gross.

You can watch the video above.

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Sophie Monk
Sophie Monk has shown off her questionable football skills. (Instagram)

“I am available if you need a tutor at the Olympics in Paris. You are legendary women,” she said.

In the video, the Monk can be seen trying to kick the ball with her knees and feet. Unsuccessfully.

She then tries a header which sees the ball fly straight back into her face. Not to mention she tries all this in tiny denim shorts and a bright yellow bikini.

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sophie monk soccer skills
The ball is best left to the experts. (Instagram)

Her fans couldn’t help but laugh.

Watch out Mackenzie Arnold will be out of a job soon if you keep this up Sophie,” one person said.Yes

I honestly can’t stop laughing. Sorry (not sorry) you’re so funny Sophie,” wrote another.Yes

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The Matildas celebrate their victory against France. (Getty)

QUIZ: Who is your favorite Matildas player?

Matildas mania has indeed been sweeping the country (actually the world) over the past few weeks.

And it turns out Hollywood star Russell Crowe was an early fan

Thea Slatyer, who played with the team from 2002 to 2012, was walking down the street in Sydney when she was 23 and between tournaments, when she was “approaching the street with a man wearing a hat and sunglasses.

“I realized I was hearing the voice of the Gladiator but it didn’t click until he asked how the team was doing,” Slatyer recalls in the book. The effect of Matilda.

“It was Russell Crowe, just recognizing me on the street instead of the other way around.”

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