Sources and identification

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In addition to those mentioned in this report, I am grateful to many others who have shared their knowledge in one way or another. My colleagues Oliver Carroll, Arkady Ostrovsky and Marta Rodionova have provided crucial insights. I have benefited greatly from the work of those who translate war-related materials, including Thanks also to Dima Adamsky, Ben Barry, Eyal Berelovich, Mykola Bielieskov, Justin Bronk, General Thierry Burkhard, Rear Admiral Andrew Betton (and his team), Major General James Bowder, Samuel Cook, Ryan Evans, Robert Dalsjo, Capt. John Foreman, Franz-Stefan Gady, Lieutenant General Ben Hodges, David Johnson, Michael Kofman, Anthony King, Rob Lee, Julian Lindley-French, Whitney McNamara, Nick Reynolds, William F. Owen and Jack Watling. Many others, especially those in Ukraine, must remain anonymous.

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