Stallone picks Gosling as the next Rambo; does ryan have the grit?

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Sylvester Stallone – who almost had a role in Barbie – thinks his co-star Ryan Gosling could play John Rambo.

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Is it just Sly? Sylvester Stallone doesn’t just have surprising connections to last year’s mega-hit Barbie but he thinks that one of the stars might be the one who would play John Rambo if the series continued with Sly. Stallone has actually said he’s done playing the character, but could Ryan Gosling handle it?

Talking to Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight ShowSylvester Stallone recalled a dinner with Ryan Gosling, in which he announced the Oscar Barbie the star went over how much he loves John Rambo. “He goes, ‘I was obsessed with Rambo, and I used to go to school dressed as Rambo, and people would chase me away, but I still didn’t stop. And, I’m, you know, on holiday like Rambo.’ He was just saying that he had a lot of connection with Rambo…And I thought, you know, this is interesting. If I pass the baton, I’ll give it to him.” But Stallone wasn’t oblivious to just how opposite he and Gosling are, saying, “It’s good, I’m not. That’s how it works. “…

This linked directly to Stallone’s links to Barbiea long cry from anyone Rambo entry As it turns out, Sly was a direct inspiration for one of Ken’s clothes: his white fur coat, as Stallone once called them very fond. Stallone was even asked to be in the film but could not appear due to Paramount +’s commitments King of Tulsa. “Can you think of me as Ken?…That won’t work at all.”

Although Stallone expressed some concern that Ryan Gosling might be a little too handsome to play John Rambo, he has remained steadfast on this choice, even saying as far back as 2015 – four years before Sly directed the his last time as the character in Last blood – that Gosling is the one.

Gosling as Rambo is definitely a catch from Stallone; then again, he’s a great actor, so it’s possible that Gosling would be able to channel the intensity that Sly had in the first Rambo movie, First blood.

Do you think Ryan Gosling could handle the role of John Rambo or should he leave it to Sylvester Stallone? Give us your thoughts on Sly’s dream casting below!

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