Steve-O openly defends Jackass against outdated accusations

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Steve-O is openly defensive Jack against accusations that it was outdated. The original series, created by Jeff Tremaine, Spike Jonze, and Johnny Knoxville, aired on MTV back in 2000, and followed a group of stunt performers who tried different over the top pranks. . While the franchise is very popular, releasing several major films including Game jackass 3d and 2022 Jackass foreversome of the humor and dangerous activities recorded have become a source of controversy among audiences.

Previous disclaimer attached to Jack have drawn attention to the seriousness of his stunts, but in recent years, they have said that the show is outdated. In an interview with NME, Steve-O shares his thoughts on the latest criticism. He notes how musicians want to be involved in the crazy things that are happening and that “none of the tricks are malicious.” Read Steve-O’s comments regarding the Jack charges below:

Wow! God, people are so f——ng p—— sanctified! I think Jackass is growing well. The spirit is really healthy. For all the terrible things we do to ourselves and each other, we are such willing partners. We’re just attention whores, fighting for screen time, and we want the horrible to happen to us so badly that there’s nothing wrong with enjoying watching it happen. None of the jokes are malicious or mean-spirited.

Why Jackass stunts need warnings

Steve-O in Jackass forever

The nature of Jack‘ stunts can be extreme, and because the franchise attracts such a large audience, warnings are used to remind fans not to attempt any of the things they see. In terms of the type of skits done, Steve-O has been involved in a range, including putting a leech on his eye, piercing a fish hook through his cheek, and launched into the air while stuck in a porta potty. Despite his experiences, Steve-O has admitted that stunts have been too dangerous to film Jackwith one including a bounce house and his giant generator standing out.

It’s not proven anyway Jackass forever It was the last film in the series, but its box office performance shows that fans are still interested in seeing Steve-O and others take part in crazy things. The film also reminded viewers of the franchise’s humor, highlighting situations involving animals and several hits under the belt. In one particular stunt, Steve-O had to endure pain while bees surrounded his penis.

It is worth asking how it is possible See 5 that could surpass some of the previous stunts in the series. The comedy presented through his dangerous actions makes them more memorable, but it also seems to generate debate from viewers. Fans seem to agree with Steve-O’s comments about the old-fashioned accusations, but still look forward to the future Jack content.

Source: NME

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