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Steven Spielberg remembers the first time he saw Michelle Williams and Paul Dano dressed up together as his parents while getting ready for The Fabelmans.

In an interview ahead The Late Show with Stephen Colbertwhich began on Thursday, the Oscar-winning filmmaker explained how an “ordinary” first day of filming turned into an emotional one.

“Mark Bridges (costume designer) came to me and said, ‘I’ve got Paul and Michelle here in their hair and make-up and clothes,'” he said, adding that he had seen them dressed individually but not together . “I turned around and my father and mother were there, and I left in tears. Just like that, I didn’t even think about it, it happened.”

The award-winning film is based on Spielberg’s childhood, growing up as a filmmaker. The film follows the journey of Sammy Fabelman (Gabriel LaBelle), but along the way, he discovers the secret of a broken family and uses his passion for film to see the truth.

The Ryan’s Private Rescue the director and producer said that Williams and Dano were quick to offer him love and support at that time: “Michelle ran to me, he hugged me. Paul came round behind me – he’s very tall – he grabbed me by the shoulders and held me.”

“I gave them [Williams and Dano] speeches long before the first day of shooting. I got all the tears out writing the scripts with Tony Kushner,” said Spielberg. “I am a professional. [I told them,] ‘Don’t worry about me. You don’t have to care about me. My job is to look after you and guide you to give good performances.’ And, it wasn’t to be. “

The Fabelmans nominated for seven Oscarsincluding best photo.

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