Strays Movie: Trailer, Cast, Release Date

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Image source: YouTube user Universal Pictures

Hollywood’s newest CGI movie comes with an X-rated plot about an abandoned puppy looking to get back to its crappy owner, and the best part is that it features voice acting made up of some of our favorite stars.

“Strays,” billed by Universal Pictures as a “funny, R-rated live-action comedy,” revolves around Reggie (voiced by Will Ferrell), a “naïve, hopeless Border Terrier” who wants to to be reunited with his low-life owner. , Doug (Will Forte), even after being abandoned on the city’s main streets. But when Reggie’s new friends and other dogs – Bug (Jamie Foxx), Maggie (Isla Fisher), and Hunter (Randall Park) – telling him that his owner left him on purpose, they all embark on a terrible revenge ploy to teach him. lesson man – and (spoiler alert) it involves biting his little friend below.

“He has to pay for what he did to the one thing he loves,” Ferrell’s Reggie says in the trailer for the film, which arrived on February 8. “I’ll be the d*ck off him.” From there, the pack of kisses take to the streets and engage in many misadventures along the way – including drinking beer, taking shrooms, and crumpling lawn ornaments – until they break into Doug’s house to carry out their plan.

“Strays” seems to be an overstatement about dogs being man’s best friend – until it isn’t. The comedy is directed by Josh Greenbaum, written by Dan Perrault, and executive produced by Jessica Switch, Nikki Baida, and Julia Hammer. The film is also produced by Erik Feig, Louis Leterrier, Aditya Sood, and the filmmaking duo of Phil Lord and Chris Miller (“Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse”).

Read on for everything else we know about “Strays,” including when it hits theaters.

“strays” trailer.

“Strays” Cast

“Strays” features Ferrell as the voice of Reggie; Foxx as Bug, “Boston Terrier with a fast, foul mouth”; Fisher as Maggie, “A famous Australian shepherd who has been shunned by her owner’s new puppy”; and Park as Hunter, “an anxious Big Dane who is under the pressure of his job as an emotional support animal.” The film’s cast also includes Forte, Josh Gad, Harvey Guillén, Brett Gelman, Rob Riggle, Jamie Demetriou, and Sofia Vergara.

“Strays” release date.

The live-action comedy hits theaters on June 9.

“Strays” poster.

Image source: Universal Pictures

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