Success: How will Logan die in season 4?

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Logan Roy in the continuation of season 4

The final season of “Succession” is coming to an end and viewers are still reeling from the shocking death of Logan Roy (Brian Cox), although his funeral has come and gone since then. The first episode of season four premiered on March 26, opening with another birthday party for family patriarch Roy. But despite starting by celebrating the life of the founder of Waystar Royco, everything fell apart in episode three, which began on April 9, when the inevitable happened.

In the few episodes leading up to the shocking moment, “Succession” viewers watched as the Emmy-winning HBO series set the stage for what would ultimately shake up the family. Roy to their hearts. Unlike other parties for Logan (who could forget Kendall’s rap tribute to his father?), almost all of his children were absent from his last birthday gathering. Connor (Alan Ruck) held down the fort while Kendall (Jeremy Strong), Roman (Kieran Culkin), and Shiv (Sarah Snook) plotted against their father’s business interests.

But with everything that was going on, the viewers could not be surprised about Logan’s death. The title of the show is “Succession,” after all; in a royal context, succession occurs when the head honcho dies. And in season four, which takes place three months after the events of the season three finale, Logan seemed to be slower and more unstable than before due to his health problems.

As “Succession” prepares to say goodbye, it’s only fitting that the show finally addressed what creator Jesse Armstrong said was “always going to happen.” So, how did Logan die in the last season of “Succession”? Read on for a full breakdown and see what Cox had to say about his exit streak.

How will Logan Roy die in “Succession” season 4?

It all starts on Connor and Willa’s chaotic wedding day. Just minutes before their boat departs with guests in tow, Kendall and Roman receive a call from Tom (Matthew Macfadyen) informing the couple that their father has crashed on a plane – which was on its way to Sweden to be Logan can finally close the Waystar Royco. GoJo deals with Lukas Mattson (Alexander Skarsgard). According to Tom, Logan was found in a bad condition in the bathroom. Flight attendants perform chest compressions on him for several minutes to no avail, although Logan’s body is not clearly visible on the screen.

Kendall and Roman take their sister, Shiv, to tell her about what’s happening. After much back and forth about Logan’s status, he is finally pronounced dead. Before Logan dies off-screen, Tom holds the phone to the patriarch’s ear so all of Roy’s siblings can say their final goodbyes. All except Connor, who doesn’t learn about his father’s death until later.

Before the episode, Cox avoided releasing any details about what happened to Logan. However, he told Variety on March 18, “I didn’t feel anything when I played the last scene [on ‘Succession’]. Nothing! That was the last scene, end. Logan is totally getting what he needs. That’s the great thing about the show. He finds peace, which is good,” apparently hinting at his character’s eventual death.

Why did Logan Roy die?

From the beginning of “Success,” there was no question whether or not Logan would die in the end; just a matter of time. The third episode of season four surprised viewers with a moment that few expected would happen until the end of the series. In addition, all the confusion, grief and sorrow that the Roy family and higher Waystar Royco employees are experiencing is happening in response to many of them not even seeing death. Logan.

In a behind-the-scenes documentary on HBO, Armstrong explains that the dramatic death was delivered early in the season to shock audiences and give them time to unpack the loss. . “We don’t just want to see people cry and then have a funeral and be done with the show,” he said. “We want to see how the death of someone important reverberates around a family. “

In a podcast episode of HBO’s “Succession,” which was released right after the show’s third episode, Armstrong and co-executive producer Mark Mylod shared more details about how they created the big moment surrounding Logan’s death. “He was always going to die,” Armstrong said, according to The Hollywood Reporter. “He felt like it had to happen. That was always coded into him once that we decided this was the last season at the end and we go back and look at that as a format.

As for why Logan’s death happens off-screen, Mylod explained, “Big events don’t happen in a perfect way, do they? They happen sometimes in a hum-drum way. kind of the perfect TV death I thought was pretty cool. “

As many “Succession” fans already know, Logan has had some health problems throughout the series. The first season begins with his 80th birthday party. During the events of the day, he has a stroke. Logan then goes into a coma but survives. Although he seems to be making a good recovery, he deals with some long-term issues in the following episodes.

There is also the natural slowness and wear and tear that comes with old age. That is evident in the episode of season three when Logan and Kendall visit Josh Aaronson (Adrien Brody) at his building. Josh takes them on a long walk, and while Logan says he can handle it, he physically can’t. He almost passes out, and Josh and Kendall have to stop to help him.

Logan’s most famous illness is probably when, in season three, he gets a UTI so bad that he goes “piss crazy”. The UTI puts him in severe psychosis, but he’s fine once the infection is gone. This may be one of the less serious health issues, but it could have contributed to sudden collapse and untimely death.

What did Brian Cox say about Logan Roy’s death?

Per Cox’s interview on May 24 with Amol Rajan from BBC News, the “Succession” actor, like viewers, is also puzzled by the idea that his character will die so soon in season four. “He is [Armstrong] he decided to make Logan die, I think in the end too soon,” he said. “I mean, he made him die in the third episode and it was a great scene. That’s it why I wasn’t watching it, because I’m not interested in watching. My own death will come soon enough.”

Despite his comments, Cox said he did not try to convince Armstrong not to kill off his character in the first half of season four. “There’s no need to go down that road, especially with someone like Jesse, because he’s already made a plan,” he said.

Of his character’s off-screen death, Cox said, “It was a strange feeling. I viewed it, wrongly, as a form of rejection. I was okay with it in the end, but I felt a little rejected. I felt a little, ‘Oh, all the work I’ve done. And finally, I’m going to be a New Yorker on an airplane carpet.'”

Will Kendall Roy Die in “Succession” Season 4?

Unlike his father, Kendall seemed to be in a much more stable place mentally at the start of season four than he was in season three – where things got so bad, many fans of the thought that he tried to drown himself on Shiv’s wedding night. Although the third season ends with the sisters (again) betrayed by their father, Kendall finally tells Shiv and Roman about the man who died in Scotland after Shiv and Tom’s ceremony, which seems that it lifts a weight off his shoulders. However, he and his siblings grieve greatly over their father’s death throughout the rest of season four. Even the unchanging Roman broke into tears trying to deliver his father’s eulogy at his funeral.

Will anyone else die in the 90-minute series finale of “Succession”? Viewers will just have to wait and see.

“Succession” will air its final episode on May 26.

– Additional reporting by Njera Perkins

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