Sunny Hostin argues that Will Smith can’t be mad at Chris Rock Jokes

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On the heels of Chris Rock Selective concern special on Netflix, Sunny Hostin chimes in to say that Will Smith has no place to be upset about the comedian’s comments!

Reports say Will is ‘Embarrassed & Confused’ over the Chris Rock Special

Hostin’s statement came during Friday’s episode of The Viewand the issue was brought up as the co-hosts discussed the recent reports that Will was reportedly hot and bothered by Chris’ jokes.

When the comedy special aired, Chris beat Will and also took aim at Jada Pinkett Smith. As a result, reports began swirling about Will’s supposed take on the special, including the Entertainment tonight article that said the actor was “embarrassed and hurt”. Selective concern.

Despite this report, we should note that neither Will nor Jada have issued an official public comment on the situation.

Sunny Hostin acknowledges the speculation: ‘He was not the one who was killed’

Regarding the rumors about Not too dear Chris Rock: Selective Concernas well as further speculation about how the slap incident will be handled at this year’s Academy Awards, Sunny Hostin says Smith will just have to deal with Chris’s responses.

After Sunny noted that Chris’s joke “felt less vindictive and more mean,” Joy Behar said that Will “maybe didn’t think so.” [Chris] it was easy for him.”

Then, Grianach said without apology,

“Well, he wasn’t the one who was killed. “

Amid audience applause, Hostin also noted that Chris made $40M off the special, saying, “I think you could slap me for $40 million. “

“I don’t like violence, but I think you could slap me for $40 million. “

In other words, Sunny suggests that Will can’t be upset now that Chris is taking the time to personally address the slap issue (while making a pretty penny , too!)

What do you think of the overall situation, and do you agree with Sunny Hostin’s statement?

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