Super Mario passes $1 billion worldwide

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The unstoppable cash machine continues to dominate box office returns at home and abroad. In its fourth weekend, The new movie Super Mario Bros grossed $40 million—a drop of just 30%—to raise its domestic total to $490 million. Its weekend total also marks the fourth-best weekend for an animated film of all time, besting previous holder The Incredibles 2’s $28.2M, per head- day.

Mario jumped past the $1 billion mark worldwide thanks to a $68.3M overseas weekend. It opened big in Japan, earning $14.3M – the biggest opening in the country for Enlightenment/Universal. Is any guess too high how Mario will fly in the coming weeks? Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 could steal some of its thunder this weekend, but there’s a strange lack of family films on the horizon. So, who knows?

Evil Dead Rise fell 65% short of expectations but has still earned $44.4M after two weeks. New release, Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret collected $6.8M from 3,343 locations, while action villain Sisu and Big George Foreman received $3.25M and $3M, respectively.

Surprisingly, the 40th Anniversary re-release of Return of the Jedi totaled a whopping $4.7M at atom 475 theaters – an amazing average of $10,300 per screen.

Domestic Box Office Results: April 30, 2023

  1. The new movie Super Mario Bros (Ill/Uni) 4,204 (-146) theaters, Fri $8.9M (-37%) Saturday $18.2M sun $12.8M 3 days $40m (-33%), Total $490 million/ WC 4
  2. Evil dead rise (NL) 3,417 (+15) Fri $3.6M (-65%) Saturday $5.2M sun $3.4M 3 days$12.2M (-50%) Cum $44.4M/ WC 2
  3. Are you there God? It’s me, Margaret (LG) 3,343 theaters Fri $2.25M Sat $2.4Msun $2.1M 3 days $6.8M /Sq 1
  4. John Wick: Chapter 4 (LG) 2,481 (-204) theaters, Fri $1.22M (-21%) Saturday $2.1Msun $1.6M 3 days $5m (-23%), Gross $175.65M/Wk 6
  5. Return of the Jedi (Dis) 475 theaters Fri $1.77M Sat $1.7M sun $1.2M 3 days $4.7MShape of life $314 million/Wk 1 of redistribution
  6. Dungeons & Dragons (Par/eOne) 2,709 (-251) theaters, Fri $1 million (-29%) Saturday $1.86M sun $1.24M 3 days $4.1M (-25%), Total $88.1M/ WC 5
  7. Air (AMZ) 2,402 (-421) theaters Fri $1 million (-32%) Saturday $1.8M sun $1.18M 3 days$4m (-27%), Total $47.6M/ WC 4
  8. Ponniyin Selvan: Part Two (FDN) 600 theaters, Fri $1.78M Sat $1.25M sun $783K 3 days $3.8M/Sq 1
  9. The Contract by Guy Ritchie (MGM) 2,631 (+20) Fri $959K (-58%) Saturday $1.56M sun $1.09M 3 days $3.61M (-43%) Total $12.2M/Sq 2
  10. Sisu (LG) 1,006 theaters Fri $1.4MSat $1.1M sun $761k 3 days $3.25M/Sq 1
  11. Overseer George More (Sony) 3,054 theaters, Fri $1 millionSat $1.15M sun $825K 3 days $3m/Sq 1
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