Suspects Arrested in Georgia for Stealing Nearly 700 Cans of Baby Formula Powder

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Georgia police arrested three suspects after they say they stole $26,000 worth of powdered baby formula from a metro Atlanta supermarket.

According to the Cartersville Police Department, the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office issued an alert to law enforcement agencies in the area asking officers to keep their eyes peeled for a car suspected of being involved in a series of shoplifting incidents at Publix supermarkets that contained cans of baby formula. are accepted.

Cartersville police officers found the vehicle Thursday in the parking lot of the city’s Publix on 300 Cherokee Place. Officers then waited for the suspects to leave the store.

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Regulo Sanchez-Romero and Mateo Sanchez-Romero were arrested for stealing cans of baby formula.

Regulo Sanchez-Romero and Mateo Sanchez-Romero were arrested for stealing cans of baby formula. (Cartersville Police Department)

Regulo Sanchez-Romero, Mateo Sanchez-Romero, and a 16-year-old were arrested after they left the store with 12 cans of stolen powdered baby formula.

Officers searched the vehicle and found an additional 662 cans worth $26,000, police said.

Both adults were charged with felony theft by shoplifting, felony theft by receiving and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Regulo Sanchez-Romero was also charged with driving while unlicensed and Mateo Sanchez-Romero was also charged with giving a false name and date of birth.

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Officers searched the suspects' vehicle and found 662 cans worth $26,000.

Officers searched the suspects’ vehicle and found 662 cans worth $26,000. (Cartersville Police Department)

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Both men gave Dallas officers addresses, police said. Both were booked into the Bartow County Jail.

Investigators are working to determine if the suspects were also responsible for similar thefts in other jurisdictions.

This comes as baby formula has been difficult to find over the past year after FDA inspectors temporarily shut down the largest domestic formula factory in the US due to bacterial contamination.

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