Swifties are mourning the news of Joe and Taylor’s split courtesy of Cornelia Street

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It makes sense why her fans would flock to Cornelia Street and not, say, her current apartment in New York. Swift’s magic is that she lets listeners into her life through her words and has made fans feel like her friends for years. She has been doing this since the beginning of her career. When she says that a person is not good, people take it to heart, swearing on that person forever. Joe John and Jake Gyllenhaal know this.

Since it is believed that Swift has only ever sung about the good side of her relationship with Alwyn, Swifties are mourning what they considered to be a perfect relationship.

Monday, of course, isn’t the first time Swifties have set up camp on Cornelia Street, and it probably won’t be the last. The owner of the house told Swift once Vulture in 2019, once people found out that she moved in there in 2016, it was a “zoo on the street” with fans and paparazzi.

Even after Swift moved out in 2017, David Aldea, the home’s owner, told the publication that fans would leave bouquets of flowers and invitations on the doorstep – something they still do today.

From hints about future albums to lyrics about past lovers, Swift is always sending cryptic messages to her fans, who quickly jump into spy mode to decode them. It makes sense that these messages have found her fans returning to her old home to pay their respects to the parasocial.

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