Taliban: Raid kills 8 rebel fighters in northern Afghanistan

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The Taliban say an attack on a rebel hideout in northern Afghanistan has killed eight National Resistance Front members, including a leader

KABUL, Afghanistan — An attack on a rebel hideout in northern Afghanistan killed eight fighters from an insurgent movement including a commander, the Ministry of Defense said on Tuesday.

The National Resistance Front vowed to fight the Taliban after they overran the country and seized power in August 2021. The NRF returned to a mountainous and remote valley in the Panjshir region after the takeover, with Panjshir being the largest -last division to hold out against the Taliban as they swept through Afghanistan. The National Resistance Front and another group, the Afghanistan Liberation Front, are made up of former security forces from the former Western-backed government.

The Ministry of Defense said in a tweet that the 313 Central Corps carried out an operation on a rebel hideout in Salang district, Parwan district, which killed eight people including a leader named Akmal Amiri.

Fighters recovered a rocket-propelled grenade, pickaxes, Kalashnikov and other rifles, and night vision binoculars during the attack in Parwan, which straddles Panjshir and Kabul.

“The mujahideen of the Islamic emirate will not allow any group or person to harm the security and well-being of our people,” the ministry said.

Ali Maisam Nazary, head of foreign relations at the NRF, paid tribute to the slain commander and condemned the military operation.

“Every drop of blood of the martyrs against the Afghan people waters the legitimate roots of their demand for freedom, dignity and justice and brings us closer to victory,” he said in a tweet.

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