Taylor Swift expected to boost Super Bowl 2024 ratings

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This year’s Super Bowl is set to be the most-watched event in history, and according to reports, it’s largely due to Taylor Swift.

Gracie Huntdaughter of Kansas City Chiefs CEO Clark Kent, has already confirmed that the singer is present at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Taylor Swift Supports Boo, Travis Kelce, At The Game

She told PEOPLE exclusively, “She’s coming. We are excited!”

And so is the NFL, which is expected to reach higher viewers than previous years.

According to USA Today, interest in Super Bowl LVIII has increased 169% since rumors of Swift attending the annual game first surfaced.

The Grammy winner is not only expected to increase overall interest in the game but will also influence interest in advertisements.

According to the CEO of Zeta Global David Steinberginterest in the game’s ads has increased by 903% over February 2023.

Additionally, Swift’s relationship with Kelce and his presence at the games has brought in a new crowd of fans for the NFL.

According to The Athletic, viewership for all NFL games is up 7% this season.

A large part of this increase comes from the population of 12-17-year-old girls, which has seen an increase of 8.1%.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has praised Swift for this increase in viewership, saying that the ‘Bad Blood’ hitmaker knows great entertainment and that her presence at the games is attracting new fans.

“It’s also good to have the ‘Taylor Swift Effect,'” he said at a pre-Super Bowl press conference, according to CNN.

“Of course, it creates a buzz. It creates another group of young fans, especially young women who are interested in seeing, ‘Why is she going to this game? Why is she interested in this game?’ Besides Travis, she’s a football fan, and I think that’s good for us.

In addition, the NFL has also seen an increase in merchandise sales.

An Advertising Game inspired by Swift

According to Market Watch, Swift fans have been buying tickets to Chiefs games at a higher rate.

It was only in August when Swift and Kelce were first linked, and fans reportedly tripled their purchase of the Chiefs, the publication reports. And when Swift made her first appearance at a Chiefs game in September, the NFL saw record single-day transactions.

Last year’s game between the Chiefs and Eagles reportedly drew 121.017 million viewers, the highest viewership in Super Bowl history. But let’s not be the half-time performance of our daughter Rihanna – and revealed pregnancy – we did not help to push these numbers up, okay!

The most watched Super Bowl of all time

According to Fox News, Super Bowl XLIX in 2015 was the second most watched Super Bowl event in US history, with 121 million viewers.

The Patriots went on to beat the Seahawks that year, with Katy Perry performing at the halftime show.

This year, Usher hits the stage, and plans to bring out a couple of his colleagues, including Lil’ John and Ludacris.

Reports even suggest that Usher is in the running for a possible joint performance with Ms. Alicia Keys.


Only time will tell if Sunday’s game will become the most watched Super Bowl in history.

But with Swift’s huge fan base, her relationship with Kelce, and Usher’s upcoming big time, fans can’t ignore the possibility.

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