Ted Lasso Star gives an honest answer about Season 4

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Warning: Spoilers ahead for Ted Lasso season 3 finale!Ted Lasso star Phil Dunster gives an honest assessment of the show’s future. With the recently completed season 3, it seemed that the big Apple TV + drama was signing well, as a montage captured by the main characters and the supporting characters to picture the stones -thousands of them to offer, including finishing on Ted’s smiling face when he returned. to the US and reunited with his young son. It clearly bears the hallmarks of a definitive finish, but without official confirmation of status Ted Lasso season 4, there is still speculation.


While speaking at the Emmys event for your consideration (each The Hollywood Reporter), Dunster addressed the future of Ted Lasso. The actor, who plays Jamie Tartt in the sports drama, was joined by several of his co-stars and gave a mixed but honest response when discussing the possibility. Ted Lasso season 4, feel that “no one wants more for it, there is enough television around“. Check out what Dunster explained below:

“It’s wonderful that people care. It’s one of those things where anything is going to happen – which I don’t know, nobody knows if it will – as long as it’s done with integrity that’s what’s important to the h – everyone. No one wants more for it, there is enough television around. And I know that Jason and [writer] Joe [Kelly] and Brendan and Bill Lawrence, they will only do it if they feel it is the right thing.

Why is there confusion about the future of Ted Lasso

Roy, Ted, and Coach Beard celebrating in season 3 of Ted Lasso

The biggest reason for confusion about it Ted Lasso Season 4 is the lack of an official response from the cast, crew, Apple TV, or the production companies that help make the show. Usually with a popular series, like the sports drama, there will be an effort in their last season to promote before the last episodes start because there is usually an increase in terms of promotion, viewers and awards. If so Ted Lasso Season 3 is the last, it’s unusual that it wasn’t clearly advertised that way.

It seems, however, that Apple does not know what the next chapter of the series will look like. Sudeikis has said that Ted Lassoand over, but he also noted that the team could still continue with it. This indicates that if the show returns, the co-creator/star may not be the main character. This fits with how, at times, season 3 looked like it was building the groundwork for potential spinoffs based on the drama’s grand finale.

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All the hard news about it Ted Lasso The WGA writers’ strike for fair pay is also likely to affect season 4. That being said, co-creator Brendan Hunt said the series could still return, though there’s not much beyond the rumors that. Despite what seems to be the case, it seems that the point of agreement in these public statements is to ensure that any return plans are thoughtful and not contrived just to keep a successful franchise going.

Source: THR

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