Ted Lasso’s James Lance on Trent Crimm’s Game Changer of a Story

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In a row full of broken stars, James Lance especially popular on the now-defunct Apple TV+ Ted Lasso. He was originally a background player, a nosy, skeptical, concerned journalist Jason Sudeikis‘ Ted has to argue, his character Trent Crimm – like many on the series – he gradually becomes part of the furniture at AFC Richmond, eventually beaten up to a regular series.

Trent Crimm plays a key role in the unfolding events as he investigates the inner workings of AFC Richmond for his book on the football club. During this journey, audiences gain a deeper insight into Trent’s character, witnessing a poignant moment where he shares his experiences as a gay and closeted person in the sports world with Colin, represented with Billy Harris.


This heartfelt perspective sheds light on the challenges LGBTQ+ people face in such environments. In addition, Trent is welcomed into the tight circle known as the “Diamond Dogs,” a companion consisting of Ted, Beard – represented by Brendan Hunt, and Higgins, represented by Jeremy Swift. Joining this group of male connections, Trent forms new connections and alliances, immersing himself in the world of AFC Richmond.

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Trent Crimm, Independent.

Speaking to Variety, Lance opened up about the character’s developments. “In Season 3, Trent is really starting to relax, let his guard down and feel like a part of the game,” Lance says. “And then the experience I had as James Lance, just came in now and again, to spend a lot more time with these people. I’m the new kid on the block. So, there were a lot of emotions flying around, for the character and for me. “

Lance remembers the moment he spoke to Sudeikis about Trent’s direction, and how he gave thoughts on the depth of the character’s feelings towards his life. To his great surprise, Sudeikis informed him of the line through to the entire series.

There was this conversation I had with Jason Sudeikis after we shot the second newsroom scene, and we were just chatting in the parking lot. I told him, ‘this is why I think Trent is the way he is. I think he grew up with a strict father.’ And then Jason said to me, ‘Well, did you know this series is about bad fathers?’ We just had this little conversation and I’m saying that I don’t think Trent is living the life he wants to live. That lasted about three minutes. And on reflection, it definitely changed the course of my life and that of Trent Crimm.

And by delivering such a captivating performance, Lance earned himself a first-team berth, and a top-team spot in his own right. It was the highlight of his career.” “The truth is that I cried. And I said to my wife, ‘Read this.’ And she read and she broke into tears,” said Lance. “But we didn’t know much about that. We only knew that there were plans for Trent Crimm, which means there were plans for me as an actor. “

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