Texan student suspended again for refusing to cut her locks

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Darryl Georgethe 18-year-old Texan who was suspended from school for his locs, returned to classes this week to be suspended again.

This latest development comes after a series of bans that George previously faced for the same reason, which caused a wave of criticism and debates about issues of racial bias.

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The teenager has become the focus of a national controversy due to the disciplinary actions expressed by Barbers Hill High School in Mont Belvieu, TX. The district believed that the school’s policy against “locks” violated the dress code if the hair extended “below the eyebrows or earlobes”.

Excluding Darryl George from classes over his locs

In October, Darresha George, his mother, that the school had suspended her son for over a month because of his hairstyle. In addition, officials were considering sending him to another educational program.

George returned to his class on Tuesday. But his relief was short-lived when they told him again that he had broken the school’s dress code with his uncut hair.

Officials cited George for suspension at school because his hair that was let down “doesn’t comply with the BH dress code.” “

Barbers Hill Independent School District responded to the backlash over George’s previous suspension. They insisted that although they allow students to wear locs, they limit the length of hairstyles for male students.

The school has since punished him with an additional 13 days of in-school suspension before allowing him to return to class. But under one condition: he had to cut his locs to a length that the school deemed appropriate.

George’s mother tells the Associated Press that the family stands against the perceived discriminatory behavior towards a Black student. They insist that the school should not suspend him because of his hairstyle.

For many people of color, locs symbolize racial identity, heritage, and history.

Darryl George’s mother says suspending a student for embracing his cultural identity calls into question the school’s philosophy and commitment to inclusivity.

Darryl George’s family takes legal action

The family argues that the school has violated the Crown Act, which prohibits hair discrimination based on race in Texas. However, officials claimed that the act does not make any reference to hair length.

The relapses have raised concerns among family members about the impact it could have on George’s academic performance and mental health.

Singling someone out for their physical appearance can damage feelings of loneliness and self-esteem.

Darresha says they don’t “see the light at the end of the tunnel. ” But they refuse to go back.

Darryl George’s family has filed a civil rights lawsuit against the school district, the state governor and an attorney.

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