The 10 Best Underrated TV Comedies That Were Canceled Too Soon

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Some shows are monster hits from start to finish. High ratings, lots of followers, and endless discussion about the latest episode. Other shows fly under the radar. They may have a small loyal following, but not enough to keep it in production. Some shows remain popular long after they last aired.

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Not every sitcom can be a hit, but it should be. While the most popular small screen successes are often talked about, some love is due for the ones that didn’t last. Whether it was a lack of promotion or the show being just ahead of its time, many strong comedies didn’t get the chance they deserved.

‘Cougar Town’ (2009-2015)

Cougar Town it was about Jules (Courtney Cox) moves on after a divorce by having fun and drinking wine. Her best things happened to her when she started dating, raised a teenage son, and realized that work-life balance was the same as everyone else’s. With most programs named after Tom Petty song, he was sad when the networks said, “Don’t come around here No More.”

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Despite the decrease in rating, the wine glasses continued to grow. The team (incl Philip busy and Josh Hopkins). If nothing else, it was much better than sitting around playing the made-up game of “Penny Can”.

‘Happy Endings’ (2011-2013)

Photo via ABC

It was a show about six best friends, but it’s probably not the one you’re thinking of. Happy endings follow Brad (Damon Wayans Jr.), That’s it (Eliza Coupe), Alex (Elisha Cuthbert), Dave, Max, and Penny as they navigate life in Chicago. Each character had their quirks, strengths and problems.

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Although the ratings were not high enough to sustain it for more than two seasons, Rolling Stone I liked it enough to declare that it was an underrated and unwatched show. Talk about validating!

‘Rutherford Falls’ (2021-2022)

Rutherford falls season 2
Photo via Peacock

It may technically be from this decade, but Rutherford Falls it was a comedy ahead of its time. Last two seasons, Nathan Rutherford (Ed Helms) was in a pickle. He loved his long-time friend, but she was also trying to move an image close to him and dear to his heart.

As Nathan and Reagan were still fighting over the location of the monument (it had been the cause of many accidents in Rutherford Falls…), their friendship was proven in this exciting game.

‘Two Guys and a Girl (1998-2001)

Two boys and a girl

Presentation by a young man Ryan Reynolds and pizza? How come it didn’t last longer? Abbreviated from Two guys, a girl and a pizza place, Two boys and a girl it had a very descriptive title. Berg (Ryan Reynolds) and Pete (Richard Ruccolo ) working at a pizza place and attending college in Boston, while Sharon (Traylor Howard) lives in the apartment above them.

The boys stopped working at the pizza parlor while Berg moved on to medicine and Pete fought fires. The show didn’t last long, but there were enough dedicated fans to vote for how the series ended.

‘Still Standing’ (2002-2006)

The Millers Still Standing

After it went into syndication, it would most likely flop Stand still while scrolling through channels. In his four seasons, however, he was not enough of a rating winner. Another show set in Chicago, the Millers were a working class family just trying to stay away financially and emotionally.

It got a bad rap because critics believed it was just another show about a big guy with a beautiful wife and great kids, but the show had its interesting and unique qualities. Bill (Mark Aidai) and Judy (Jami Gertz).

‘Moesha’ (1996-2001)

Actor Moesha

Multi-talented Brandy Norwood was the star of this delightful sitcom. After CBS didn’t pick it up, Moses successfully aired on UPN during its run. While the show had many funny moments, it also dealt with some serious issues.

As sisters Moesha and Myles deal with normal teenage issues, life is made more difficult when their father marries their vice principal (played by Sheryl Lee Ralph from Abbot Primary School). The show was cute but deep; if that wasn’t enough, Brandy showed off her iconic singing voice throughout the series.

‘Building Hope’ (2010-2014)

Raising Hope Cast

Raising a child is hard. Are you making it as a single dad after the serial killer mom gets the death sentence? Even harder! Building Hope It was about how Jimmy Chance (Lucas Neff ) accepted his father, relying on his family for support.

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Despite several early Emmy nominations, the show was canceled after the fourth season. Critics seemed to like the classic sitcom style. At least the world spent a few years seeing how little hope was raised before the show went off the air.

‘Don’t Trust the B*itch in Apartment 23’ (2012-2014)

Don't trust the B in Apartment 23 Cast

Their lives were not worthy of this funny sitcom. After just two seasons, Don’t trust the B*tch in Apartment 23 it was cancelled. Due to its popularity, fans have since petitioned for its revival. As of June (Dream Walker) She moved into Chloe (Krysten Ritter) apartment, her plan was, as always, to get the new roommate to move out as soon as possible.

Somehow the two became close friends, with James Van Der Beek (who played a comic and fictional version of himself) accompanying the women on their adventures. The quick and sarcastic conversation provided great entertainment. The surprising and unexpected cameos from actors, including Dean Cain, Philip busy, Frankie Munizand Mark-Paul Gosselaar, made it even more amazing.

‘Living Single’ (1993-1998)

one live picture
Photo courtesy of Warner Bros.

A show about successful friends living in Brooklyn, Living Single aired after Martin on Thursday nights. Although it was a beloved show with many fans, it never got the ratings it deserved. Fortunately, it was able to be seen on multiple networks when it went into syndication.

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Caidiah (Queen Latifah) is a successful magazine editor. She also had a great and fun group of friends. She ended up with her happily ever after, getting married at the end of the series. Some of her friends found love (two of her closest gal pals married the guys from the apartment next door) during the show’s run as well.

‘Party Down’ (2009-2010)

Photo courtesy of Starz

Much like real-life stars, the characters are there Party down they had to find ways to pay the bills until they got their dream gigs in Hollywood. Henry (Adam Scott) and his peers worked together for an LA catering company, serving at events full of rich and famous guests.

The dry humor and the ridiculously absurd stories made a big impression on critics. Although the show was only on for two seasons, fans can get ready to party with the cast once again. The third season is scheduled to premiere in February 2023!

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