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The creative tag team behind East End and Down and Assistant Principals re-scored by HBO’s The Righteous Stones. A darkly satirical comedy about a mega-church family that often behaves in an unchristian way. HBO hitmaker and The Righteous Stones co-producer, Danny McBridedon’t disappoint like the older sibling Jesse Gemstone.

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From Baby Billy Freeman (Walton Goggins) to Jesse, The Righteous Stones characters hit a high note with fans. Mixing self-deprecating humor with parody, the following characters stand out among the show’s all-star cast that includes legendary television actors John Goodman like the patriarch of the Gemstone family, Eli Gemstone.

10 Judy

Eddie Patterson as Judy Gemstone.
Photo via HBO

Eli’s only daughter, Judy Gemstone (Between Patterson) it’s a piece of work. To say that Judy is well maintained is an understatement, to say the least. As the middle child, Judy is often overlooked for her older brother Jesse and younger brother Kelvin (Adam DeVine). Her desperation to get Eli’s attention leads to over-the-top actions that keep her from being higher on the list.

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Judy sometimes comes off as one-note, but she actually has layers and that saves her character. Through flashbacks, viewers can see where some of Judy’s neurosis stems from her upbringing and the untimely death of her mother.

9 Gideon

Skyler Gisondo as Gideon Gemstone on The Righteous Gemstones.
Photo via HBO

Gideon the oldest son of Jesse and Amber (Skyler Gisondo) returns to the Gemstone fold after failing in Hollywood. Separated from his parents and family for rejecting the evangelical way, Gideon’s fierce reasons for returning home make him one of The Righteous Stones most interesting characters.

Unbeknownst to Amber and Jesse, Gideon is the blacksmith. Together with two friends, they try to draw Jesse out in exchange for the incriminating video. When that doesn’t work, Gideon hatches a plan to steal millions from the Gemstone church. While that’s not a good thing, Gideon is more likable when he goes up against his father.

8 Levi

Jody Hill as Levi in ​​the Righteous Gemstones.
Photo via HBO

Director Jody Hill shines as Levi in ​​the HBO hit. Mostly behind the scenes, Hill takes the Gemstone faithful and drags it to new heights. The longtime guitarist helps Jesse in his oft-failed quests to keep the Gemstone family name intact. This means helping his friend and his boss criminally as well.

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Although Levi is a recurring character, he is a fan favorite even when he is committing a crime. Some of Levi’s best scenes are when he doesn’t speak at all. His facial expressions and presence alone are enough to grab fans.

7 Keefe Rooms

Keefe Chambers eats an ice cream cone on The Righteous Gemstones.
Photo via HBO

Former Satanist, Keefe Chambers (Tony Cavalero)the best friend and loyal right-hand man of Kelvin, Eli’s youngest son (Adam Devine). Although Keefe is not the brightest, what he is, is loyal.

Keefe feels grateful to Kelvin for taking him out of the Satanic church and bringing Keefe to live with Kelvin at the Gemstone family compound. His real appearance comes from his desire to do good and take care of Kelvin. Keefe works with Kelvin at the Gemstone youth ministry and even grooms his best friend.

6 Amber Gemstone

Cassidy Freeman as Amber Gemstone on The Righteous Gemstones.
Photo via HBO

Longmire’s Cassidy Freeman plays Jesse’s wife Amber. Amber’s love for her husband and three children is matched only by her desire to create what appears to be the perfect family. When a black man threatens to show a tape of Jesse and his friends using cocaine and committing adultery, Amber jumps to Jesse’s defense.

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Amber’s unwavering support for Jesse gets tiresome, but once her anger is released fans are treated to a strong woman who isn’t as naive as she seems. After learning the truth about Jesse’s wild night with the boys Amber makes Jesse go – but not until he shoots him first.

5 BJ

Tim Baltz as BJon The Righteous Gemstones.
Photo via HBO

BJ (Tim Baltz) she is the polite husband of the only daughter of Eli, the emotionally unstable Jew (Between Patterson). First introduced as Judy’s boyfriend, the couple gets married by the start of season 2. BJ’s calm personality is a balance to Judy’s rude and abusive behavior at a time when -observe rooting to grow the spine.

Tired of being mistreated by Judy, the couple split in season 2, which puts Judy over the edge. After a heart-to-heart with Eli, the head of the Gemstone family finally accepts BJ. It’s obvious that BJ loves Judy, despite her flaws. For fans of the show, that’s enough to put it high on the likes list.

4 Jesse

Danny McBride as Jesse Gemstone.
Photo via HBO

Jesse Gemstone is set to follow in his father’s footsteps as the head of the Gemstone family’s evangelical empire. Despite being a man of God, Jesse is aloof and doesn’t always take the high road and that’s why, even though Jesse is a star, he’s not the favorite member of the team or his family.

Jesse loves his wife and family but is definitely rough around the edges. Reminiscent of today’s true mega-church pastors, Jesse pulls off the combination of confidence and hypocrisy in a way that’s all too real. His saving grace is his wife Amber who is influenced by her husband’s actions.

3 Baby Billy

Walton Goggins as Billy Freeman's kid.
Photo via HBO

Baby Billy Freeman is one of Clach an Fraoch best characters. Flaming and over the top, Baby Billy longs for the good old days when he was a country music star with his now deceased sister Aimee-Leigh.

It’s obvious from the start that Baby Billy and Eli have unresolved tensions. This isn’t helped by Eli’s ongoing scheme to get his hands on a piece of the Gemstone fortune – legally or illegally. There’s something charming about Baby Billy, even when he’s intent on fooling his own family members. When he’s on the small screen, Baby Billy owns it and is a real joy to watch.

2 KelvinAdam Devine as Kelvin.

For fans of Workaholics veteran, Adam DeVine, it’s fun to look at his picture of Jesse and Judy’s younger brother, Kelvin. Kelvin begins to question his purpose in the church and leaves during a crisis of faith, before returning to the youth ministry soon after.

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The bromance between Kelvin and Keefe, who is almost joined at the hip, is refreshing. A sweet friendship that shows Kelvin’s sensitive side. The most amazing thing about Kelvin is that he really believes in what he preaches, even when he goes overboard when it comes to disciplining those in God’s Squad.

1 Eli

John Goodman as Eli Gemstone on The Righteous Gemstones.
Photo by HBO

Patriarch of the Gemstone family and founder of Gemstone Ministries, there is little doubt that Dr. Eli Gemstone loves his family. Goodman’s portrayal of the megachurch pastor as a strong leader is balanced by his vulnerability when he remembers his wife Aimee-Leigh.

While Eli may be tough as nails when it comes to the Gemstone empire and preparing Jesse to one day take over the helm, there are times when viewers get to see Eli’s softer side – and the t -a huge paycheck. At the end of the day, Eli is a father and grandfather who just wants the best for his family and that earns him the top spot.

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