The 13 Best Thanksgiving TV Shows of All Time

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Thanksgiving is a time-honored tradition of ensemble television, where comedy characters get to share heartfelt, emotional moments, while dramas put them in a pressure cooker of angst and bad vibes. The traditional family dinner rarely goes as smoothly as everyone wants, often devolving into a shouting match or food fight or a completely different party, but whatever happens these episodes tend to stand out from the rest of the season. . Some, like a certain image Mad Men program and one of the most anxiety-inducing Sopranos hours ever aired, they’re barely even “Thanksgiving,” and yet they still use some of that holiday flavor to spice things up.

Since it’s almost that time, we decided to find these events and tell you what makes them all so special. From the one where Monica puts the turkey on her head to the most cursed holiday Hold on mashup ever, we’ve rounded up a mismatched family of the best, craziest, and most iconic Thanksgiving TV episodes of all time to get us into the holiday spirit. Yes, even the Red family of Success get in on some of the fun. Let’s carve the bird and squash the beef and see how our favorite TV families and groups of friends celebrate the season of giving.

13 Greatest Thanksgiving TV Shows of All Time

Our favorite characters from our favorite TV shows come together to carve the turkey. Hijinks ensue.

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