The 22nd Annual Golden Schmoes is coming!

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It’s time again for the Golden Schmoes – your chance to take part in one of the longest running online fan awards.

Golden Schmoes

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time again for the Golden Schmoes! That’s right! It’s time for the 22nd edition of the longest running online fan film awards. If you are new to the site and don’t know what The Golden Schmoes are all about, you can read about them here. But, with these awards, what we like to do is put the power of choosing both the nominees and the winners for what we consider the best films of the year in your hands. . So if you are bored like movies The Iron Stone shut out of the Oscars, or just can’t get past the supposed Greta Gerwig snob Barbie, you have come to the right place! Do you think Ben Affleck deserved some love Air? Have your say here! And what about it Godzilla minus one? Did the best Kaiju movie of all time deserve more awards attention? Let’s give the big guy a Golden Schmoe!

All you need is a valid email address and, once the nomination period opens Monday (February 12) at 10 a.m. EST on the official site, you will select the nominees and winners.

Here is our schedule:

Voting for nominees begins February 12 at 10am EST and closing February 17 (at 11:59 pm EST) and will be hosted on the official site. We will announce the official nominees on it 19 February and you can start voting for the winners from 19 February to 2 March. The winners will be announced on it Friday, March 8th!

Nominations start a week from today, and we’ll be posting an article getting into the nitty-gritty and running down the specific categories, but you can check out past winners here. If you need an update on what movies are coming out in 2023, you can find all the major releases here.

Suffice it to say, we’re very proud of our awards and we’re dying to know what you think are the best films of the year. Sometimes the Academy, critics and guilds seem out of touch with what people are watching. So if you have a movie you’re rooting for, be sure to let us know in the comments below. For me, I hope the people behind my second favorite movie of the year, The Iron Stoneget recognized, while also finding room to honor those who didn’t get snubbed, like Paul Giamatti for The Holdoversand Christopher Nolan for his Herculean effort, Oppenheimer. I hope this 22nd edition of the Golden Schmoes will be one of the best ever!

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