The Avengers gave Spider-Man his secret superpower

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Spider-Man receives a useful “power” from his past as Avengers, which helps him do his job and proves that the character has evolved.

Warning: SPOILERS for The Amazing Spider-Man #20even if Spider-Man he has not been a member of the Avengers for some time, his past membership in the ranks of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes gives him an unexpected but very useful power.

Spider-Man was originally a lone hero, and has been for most of his career. Despite his incredible powers and unwavering sense of duty, Spidey found it difficult to work with other heroes. In fact, in some of his earliest stories, Spider-Man tried to join both the Avengers and the Fantastic Four but was rejected due to misunderstandings and his inspiring young hero attitude. . Years later, however, Spider-Man became a founding member of the New Avengers during Brian Michael Bendis’ uneventful run as the team’s writer, and the idea became so popular that the Web-Slinger stayed in her Vengeance for a long time. hour.


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Spider-Man can use his status as revenge to influence the authorities

Spiders use the status of the avenger to deceive criminals

In The Amazing Spider-Man #20, by Joe Kelly, Terry Dodson, and Rachel Dodson, Spider-Man reveals a useful “power” he gains from his former Avengers membership. Patrick and his new girlfriend Felicia Hardy (Black Cat) have just stopped a group of tech start-up employees who have leased the Sinister Six’s equipment and weapons. In order to get the head of the company, who is hiding using Mysterio’s powers, to come out, Spider-Man says that if the employees sign over twenty-five percent of the company, no get the authorities not to put them in jail, he can do it because he “Sad Avenger“.

For a very long part of his superhero career, Spider-Man was not on good terms with the authorities. The New York police would happily arrest him, motivated by his vigilante actions and John Jonah Jameson’s relentless campaign to paint Spider-Man as a “menace”. Since Spider-Man first joined the Avengers, however, he became a more established hero with strong ties to the most respected members of that community, including Iron Man and Captain America. This means that he can now “draw a rating” with the authorities, who no longer see him as a dangerous vigilante but as someone they can trust. This status can be very useful, not only because it leaves Spider-Man free to do his job without interference, but also to negotiate with lawbreakers when will be needed.

Spider-Man’s past as Avenger is a sign of his evolution as a character

Even though Spider-Man’s life seems to always go back to square one, especially regarding Peter’s relationship with Mary Jane, at least he still has his past as Avenger , and has a significant impact on his current stories. This is one of the few signs that Spider-Man has grown as a character: after becoming a character Revenge, Spider-Man he no longer has to run away from the police or leave criminals hanging in his web (though he still likes to do that), but he can tell the authorities who sends this “power” arrested and used to advantage in many situations.

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The Amazing Spider-Man #20 available now from Marvel Comics.

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