The Barrett M90; All You Need To Know About The US Made Bolt-action Rifle

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The Barrett M90 is a bolt-action, bullpup rifle chambered in .50 BMG (12.7×99mm NATO). It was designed and manufactured by the Barrett Firearms Company.

Unfortunately, you may be interested to note that in 1995, Barrett stopped production of the M90 ​​and replaced it with the M95.

Additionally, the sniper rifle, the M90, was designed and manufactured from 1990 to 1995 as a bolt-action alternative to the semi-automatic Barrett M82. It was a bolt-action rifle of bullpup design.

The weapon had a fluted barrel with an integrated muzzle brake, a 2 part receiver (upper and lower), a folding bipod and a 5-round detachable box magazine. The M90 ​​did not have iron sights, but instead had a Picatinny rail for extending the scope.

Also, the bullpup design made the gun more civilian-friendly in its use. Barrett Firearms initially produced the Barrett M90 to appeal to customers looking for a bolt-action .50 caliber.

Unlike the larger semi-automatic Barrett M82A1, the Barrett M90 is compact, has a fluted muzzle to reduce recoil, and a special Picatinny rail for mounting a variety of scopes.

The gun was originally intended for civilian long-range division shooters and incorporated into competition-style shooting. The Barrett M90 is much lighter compared to the Barrett M82A1. This is due to its smaller, more compact design

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