The latest Israel-Hamas war news and host updates: Biden slams reports of Hamas sexual assaults

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his war cabinet met on Tuesday with family members of more than 120 hostages believed to be still being held by Hamas. At the controversial meeting, the frustrated relatives accused the Israeli government of not doing enough to free the hostages, Reuters said. Netanyahu said at a press conference that he had heard “heartbreaking stories” at the meeting and that his cabinet was “doing everything” to return the hostages to their families. In Washington, President Biden said reports of Israeli women being sexually assaulted by Hamas were “appalling.” He also blamed Hamas for breaking down the ceasefire in fighting last week. The Biden administration imposed a visa ban on “settler resistance” from Israel, as well as Palestinians, “engaging in activities or contributing meaningfully to activities that undermine peace, security and stability in the West Bank. “

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