The Masters of the Universe movie may find a new home at Amazon

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The Masters of the Universe movie may find a new home at Amazon after being canceled by Netflix earlier this year.

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Netflix has been developing live action Masters of the Universe film for a while, but it was announced this summer that the streaming service had shelved the project. However, Variety reports that the Masters of the Universe The film could find a new home at Amazon MGM Studios.

The potential move to Amazon is not a sure thing, as a source told Variety that the talks “tight“If they go ahead, Amazon would have to close new deals with Adam and Aaron Nee to write and direct.” Masters of the Universe film. Kyle Allan (Investing in Venice) is still attached to star in the film as He-Man.

As for why the project fell apart at Netflix, it seems it was all down to the budget. After spending nearly $30 million on development costs, the film’s budget had ballooned to over $200 million. Adam and Aaron Nee worked with producers to try and get it down, and even planned to shoot the film back-to-back with a sequel to keep the cost down, but they couldn’t come to an agreement. Multiple insiders say the budget is now under $200 million.

Mattel and producer Todd Black had bought the Masters of the Universe film to another studio before taking it to Amazon. It also seeks “release of great drama” for the project, which was not going to happen while he was at Netflix. The project has passed through various hands over the past fifteen years, with directors such as Jon M. Chu and McG signing on to develop the film at various times. The rights to vote are also somewhat difficult. DreamWorks Animation bought them over a decade ago, allowing them to use the characters for film adaptations through 2026. The studio is now owned by NBCUniversal, which could stand either way. ‘could be developed at Amazon.

We will have to wait and see if it is Masters of the Universe We’ll move on at Amazon eventually, but whatever happens, I’m sure we’ll get to Eternia one day.

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