“The Most Important Hero” – One true MVP fans have lost in My Hero Academia’s War of Independence

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  • The Liberation War Arc in My Hero Academia featured intense battles and showed the importance of each hero’s contribution, but Shota Aizawa played a vital role in ensuring victory.
  • Aizawa’s earthquake, Erasure, was instrumental in eliminating the powerful Nomus and allowing other heroes like Endeavor to fight back against Shigaraki and his destructive abilities.
  • Without Aizawa breaking Shigaraki’s yoke, the heroes would have faced an impossible task and suffered an even greater loss in their battle against the villains. Aizawa’s efforts made him the most important hero in the arc.

The Arc War of Liberation in My Hero Academia It was the anime’s most interesting arc to date, and part of that came down to one hero who wasn’t very popular. Although many heroes rose up such as the UA students and the Best Jeanist, a closer look at the war reveals that the real MVP was none other than the beloved teacher Shoto Aizawa.

In the war there were many heroes who died or were seriously wounded in the line of duty. Famously, class 1-A love advisor Midnight was killed in one of Academia My Hero most heartbreaking times.

Midnight surrounded by purple smoke in My Hero Academia

Despite the great loss, however, it is not too little to say that the climactic battle would have been much more difficult for the heroes if it had not been for Aizawa. Aizawa’s quirk, Erasure, allows him to remove someone’s trophy just by looking at them. This alone was enough to turn the tide of battle in favor of the warriors.

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Shota Aizawa is the most underrated hero of the War of Independence

The unnamed hero Eraserhead was strategically placed at the Jaku Hospital where the Nomus and Shigaraki were. They were the biggest threat to society and Aizawa’s abilities would be crucial. As it turned out, that was the right line of thinking. High-End Nomus was activated and Aizawa disabled their quills. This was essential to allow Endeavor and the other heroes to fight back against the Nomus and arrest Kyudai Garaki. However, what made Aizawa the real MVP of the war was not the fight against the Nomus.

Waking up Shigaraki was the start of a crisis, as the villain used his immediate decline. His power initially allowed him to disintegrate anything he touched, but after being awakened it extended to anything Shigaraki touched. If he touched the ground, not only would the ground destroy him, but also anyone standing on it. Countless heroes died. To make matters worse, Shigaraki had many quirks. It seemed he couldn’t hold a candle in his strength and it seemed impossible to fight him. That’s when Aizawa appeared and destroyed all of his abilities.

With Aizawa’s help, Endeavor, Midoriya, and the other heroes could finally fight back. It was a very close match even without Shigaraki’s quirks. Shigaraki knew he had to take care of Aizawa first to win, and he tried but failed. In the end, Shigaraki took so many hits that All For One had to take over his body and pull him back. There were numerous losses on the side of the hero, and the worst loss was the faith of the citizens. However, there would have been damage on an unprecedented scale if Shigaraki had access to his quirks, especially Decay. Aizawa’s efforts make him the most important hero there is Academia My Hero Paranormal Freedom War Arc.

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    In My Hero Academia, some people have superpowers called quirks. Izuku Midoriya, nicknamed Deku, is not one of them. Deku has always idolized heroes like the main hero, All Might, and since he was a child, he always wanted to be a hero. However, his lack of quirk has always held him back, but a chance encounter with All Might after finding a comrade in danger sets Deku on the path to becoming a true hero. My Hero Academia centers around Deku and a class of heroes in training at UA. This school molds young quirk users into future heroes through mock rescue missions, combat training, and other hero-inducing activities. With young Deku in possession of the “One-For-All” whip, he learns what it means to be a true hero as he faces off against super-citizens.


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