The Most Special 90 Day Fiancé Cast Members

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Reality TV would be boring if it weren’t for adorable, quirky characters, and 90 Latha Fiann there are certainly a handful of them that are hard to miss. The OG 90DF a presentation was introduced in 2014, focusing on the K-1 visa process. Americans welcomed their future spouses into their homes for a period of 90 days, when they would decide if they were ready for marriage. While there was heaps of romance on this TLC show, it needed drama, which some cast members soon provided in abundance.


Even though the show takes things a little too far where the conflicts are concerned, it’s hard to imagine a 90 Latha Fiann season without wild cast members. Some blurt out the rudest one-liners, or create the funniest situations. Their actions cause viewers to create a thread upon a thread at Reddit, asking if they let these freak flags fly on purpose, just for fame. Among them are a few that are more memorable than others, that stand out for being so perfect for reality TV.

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Natalie Mordovtseva 90 days fiancé

When Natalie from Ukraine came in 90 Latha Fiann season 7, her love story with Mike Youngquist was sweet and unique. However, things soon started to go downhill, when Natalie started asking Mike for a child. It was Natalie’s eyes that surprised audiences at first, and then it was her strange antics. For example, she admitted that she was not in love with him 90 Latha Fiann star Mike, and threw away his engagement ring.

Natalie’s statements about food have been questioned, such as saying she is vegetarian, but still eats fish. So are her Instagram photos, where she used Photoshop to give herself an incredibly long arm, or a scary little head. Natalie accuses her mother-in-law of calling, “h**ker still discussed today, and who can even forget her other words on screen. Among the catchphrases are, “What is your IQ?“”Honestly, I’m praying for you,” “I’m much prettier than you” and, “I’m just eating my carrot in the corner.

Stephanie Davison from Fiann 90 Latha

Stephanie Davison in 90 Day Fiance tanned with a smile with heavy earrings

90 Latha Fiann star Stephanie already had big shoes to fill, as she shares a name with the franchise’s own “fart jar girl” who was crowned queen of controversy in 2020. However, before she finished the her season of 90 day fiance, Stephanie was an even worse team member than the nominee, Stephanie Matto. If Stephanie D. is much younger, “Boyfriend Ryan, 27-years-old” Belize wasn’t enough, she had also cheated on Ryan with her own cousin. She had a weight loss clinic, and advertised her sermorelin injection, which supposedly keeps her looking young, within five minutes of her TLC introduction.

By shouting, crying, screaming or blinking, viewers suspected that Stephanie was under the influence, perhaps sipping on too much wine while filming. 90 Latha Fiann Stephanie, a member of the series, says that she was bitten by bugs when she was on a trip to Belize, and taking medicines that made her look stupid, that didn’t help. That spiel was one of her most inaccurate, and Stephanie said that stuff before disappearing 90 Latha Fiann.

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Debbie Aguero at the 90 Day Fiance

Debbie on 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way season 4 in a pink dress

Debbie is from Sugar Hill 90 Day Evidence: The Alternative Way The newest investigator season 4. She is very attractive, thanks to her carefree personality. When she entered, Debbie went through a thrift store collecting antiques, and marveling at bags with cat prints. She described herself as, “maybe a little strange personality somewhat strange.” Debbie used an old saying, telling the cameras she can hear, “different drummer.” While TLC viewers usually give the cast members grief for dating foreign men their grandchildren’s age, Debbie gets a pass.

90 Latha Fiann Newbie Debbie praises her for wanting to live her best life. Everything from her glowing skin at 67, to her peacock purse, makes her quirky and interesting, and there are only two episodes of screen time for Debbie. So far, it looks like she is very popular, and it is certain that things will remain the same for Georgia’s grandmother, unless she happens to do something bad.

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Source: Natalie Mordovtseva/Instagram

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