The new ‘Karate Kid’ movie has found its new Karate Kid

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The Karate Kid franchise has found its new star: actor Ben Wang.

Wang will star in a new one The Karate Kid movie that is due in theaters later this year. It will appear with at least two of the franchise’s previous stars: Ralph Macchio, who was the series’ original title character, Daniel La Russo, and Jackie Chan, who appeared in what appeared to be a previous as a resume of The Karate Kid from 2010. In that film he played Mr. Han, who was essentially an updated film version of Mr. Miyagi.

The news was revealed in an article in the Hollywood Reporter. They wrote…

According to studio management, Wang delivered a special audition that showed his deep connection to the character. It also helped that he is fluent in Mandarin and highly skilled in many types of martial arts, including karate, wing chun/kung fu, gumdo, kempo and taekwondo.

Wang has previously been seen as the star of the Disney+ series Chinese born American. He also appears in the new musical version of Mean girls.

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Sony confirmed the news, posting the THR article on their Facebook page and writes “Welcome to The Karate Kid family, Ben!”

It is not yet clear how Daniel La Russo and Mr. Han will appear together in this movie – or what this movie has to do. Cobra Kaithe ongoing television series to The Karate Kid on Netflix. The creators of that show are not involved creatively with this new one The Karate Kid film, despite Macchio’s presence in both. The new film is directed by Jonathan Entwistle.

The Karate Kid is slated to open in theaters on December 13, 2024.

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