The original Party Down revival starring Jennifer Garner, James Marsden

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We get a first look at what season 3 of the Starz show brings to the stock supply workers as the LA party scene after years away.

Entertainment Weekly has just released exclusive photos for the upcoming revival of the comedy show Party down. The Starz series last debuted in 2010, and the ensemble cast has since gone on to prominent roles in the comedy world. The cast, including Adam Scott, Ken Marino, Jane Lynch, Megan Mullally, Martin Starr, and Ryan Hansen, is expected to return in one capacity. However, Lizzy Caplan is one name in particular that does not appear due to other commitments. These new photos include a look at the bartender’s new love interest, Henry, who comes in the form of Evie, to be played by Jennifer Garner.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Evie “A successful film producer fresh from bankruptcy. As she rethinks her life choices, this new relationship with Henry is going to be a way for her to explore what’s out there.” Also joining the revival of the series as a new face is James Marsden. Marsden plays Jack Botty, “a famous actor known for playing the lead in a popular franchise. He enjoys his life, his fame, and being the center of everyone’s attention.”

At the start of season 3, Henry and the rest of the supply team have moved on. A surprise reunion rears its head, and the cast of characters find themselves back catering to the vibrant, colorful characters on the Los Angeles party circuit.

The first run of the cult hit comedy debuted on Starz in 2009 with the ensemble cast of Scott, Caplan, Marino, Lynch, Starr, and Hansen. Although Lynch would then leave after the first eight episodes of the 10-episode first season to make Keep on Fox. Jennifer Coolidge joined to round out the cast for the final two episodes. Then, in the second season Megan Mullally was added as a regular member of the team and Lynch would return to appear at the end of the season. Both seasons are available on the Starz app and streaming sites.

Party down it returns on Starz on February 24th. The show will air on the channel’s app at midnight, followed by the Starz channel later that night at 9pm ET.

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