The Sims 4: 10 Best Gadgets, Ranked

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The Sims has provided countless hours of entertainment, giving players the creative freedom to build, design and make their dreams come true through created characters and situations. With the continued success of the The Sims 4 and recently confirmed Sims 5 under development as Rene project, The Sims This is one of the most widespread games on the market that keeps growing and getting better over time.

Countless kits, packs, and expansions have created a largely customizable experience for players, but some kits were complete game changers and must-haves. Sims 4 players.


Country kitchen kit

Country Kitchen Kit inspiration image

With so much The Sims 4 putting the creativity and power of life of the characters in the hands of the player, some would like to make pieces of time or show a special feeling and beauty. The Country Kitchen Kit is one of the few kits that focus on providing vintage items to play with, with tons of items and accessories that channel the country south and the 1950s.

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However, the Country Kitchen Kit put a lot of emphasis on making the kitchen the focal point of a home, and did so wonderfully by including appliances, kitchenware, flooring, and the like. which added an old fashioned touch to sim’s. home

The first fit

The Sims 4 promotional image for the First Fits Kit, showing two children wearing new clothes while an adult Sim looks on with a warm heart.

At school, at home, or out on the playground, kids were finally allowed to wear clothes that were not only stylish but perfect for just about any occasion. With tons of extensions and the best packs usually leaving out kids clothes, it was a nice change to have First Fits focus entirely on having a decent selection of clothes for a sim who wanted a family.

Cute, adorable, yet fashionable kids were able to give a lot more personality through their outfits at birthday parties and more with a wide selection of leggings, shapes, jackets, dresses and more. For those families who emphasized their fashion, this was a great way for children to be without feeling so silly. That is, of course, until they fall into the mud.

Bathroom Clutter Kit

Bathroom Clutter Kit from The SIMs 4

The bathroom is a place that is often visited by all living things, and it is an underrated place in any residence that deserves so much of attention to detail like no other room. With the Bathroom Clutter Kit, Sims fans were able to take on a number of modern assets that added a lot of flair, with items that were able to carry over to other parts of the property and giving a boost from getting tons. of cash in The Sims 4.

Arrangements for walls, soap bars, teeth, cabinets, and more add a lot of flexibility not only for the bathroom but for other parts of the home, and this versatile multi-faceted kit is a great addition a very useful addition to any player’s game to provide that extra. details are needed to make the space feel more alive.

Moon Chic Kit

Moonlight Chic Kit inspiration image

Just because the sun goes down doesn’t mean the day is over, and the Moonlight Chic Kit ensures that every sim continues to stay stylish throughout night in an attractive and romantic way.

Smart jackets, silky dresses, new hairstyles, and more give the Moonlight Chic Kit a way to improve each Sim’s experience and appearance well into the night, giving them a lot of versatility and long-term use. It can be said that this is one of the most fashionable offers of any kind Sims 4 DLC, allowing nocturnals to shine just as brightly as the day.

Industrial Loft Kit

Industrial Loft Kit from Sims 4

The fusion of a rustic feel of history with modernity is one of the many features that have always made the industrial aesthetic so attractive and used in various places such as apartments and cafes. With the Industrial Loft Kit, Sims 4 expanded their repertoire even further by allowing Sims to channel a cooler side of themselves while providing a richer sense of lifestyle through a high-paying career path.

Wood and steel are the main focal points of the pack – as is the texture – and while the kit may feel a little more barren of offerings than others, it’s the flexibility that ‘ makes the package reusable not only with other packages but within. itself, allowing for a clean look that still provides plenty of personality.

Incheon Arrival Kit

Incheon comes in from the sims 4.

Korea has always been one of the most fashionable countries in the world, and with the Incheon Arrivals Kit, The Sims 4 added a complete set of clothes and trends that allowed players to create their own fashion sense. and expand it in a completely new way.

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Blazers, cardigans, jackets, boots, and more styled in the Incheon Arrivals Kit opened up new wardrobe options that gave each character a boost of culture and panache. The Incheon Arrivals Kit was the perfect balance of comfort, style, class, and making a statement.

Everyday Clutter Kit

Everyday Clutter - Scale

Although chaos can be a problem in real situations, organized chaos is a completely different view of the matter that gives a sense of style through the sound. With the daily quote, The Sims 4 it brought tons of new items and accessories to play around with that gave homes, rooms, and more a much-needed boost that gave it a sense of realism and authenticity.

Coffee cups, organizers, headphones, glasses, hats, makeup tools, and tons more help to give identity to every room in which the kit is used, and it has become one of the accessories most used throughout. The Sims 4 how players decorate their homes to give a lot of unique atmosphere and energy. It’s also a great way for players to challenge themselves The Sims 4 seeing what it can add to a room while still looking good and cohesive.

Desert Luxe Kit

Desert Luxe Kit from Sims 4

Without looking at its contents, the first reaction to the Desert Luxe Kit is that it would be a kit full of cacti, scorpions, and sand-based materials, but this is one of the most elegant and latest around. Perfect for outdoor living spaces, the Desert Luxe Kit comes with plenty of assets such as stone and wood inspired fireplaces and fire pits.

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The Desert Luxe Kit provided ample opportunity to build both an indoor and outdoor oasis that was perfect for gatherings and parties, and the number of possibilities in which players could create lounges and fun settings creating a surprising effect on Desert Luxe – without saying that it was. free for a limited time when released.

Warming rooms

Series blooming rooms from sims 4.

Greenery makes the scenes come alive, and no kit has taken that philosophy and executed it better than the Blooming Rooms Kit, which provided The Sims 4 an abundance of new assets that added a handful of plants as decor and nature-inspired furniture.

Sims with sunrooms, gardens, an outdoor lifestyle or any combination of the three got an exciting new way to make their green and organic lives pop with style. These funds allowed a modern way to decorate inside and outside a natural flavor that forever gave a feeling of calm and comfort.

Pastel pop

Download pastel pop from Sims 4

Pastel colors and vibes have really exploded over the past few years, so it was only a matter of time before The Sims 4 they took the opportunity to implement his idea of ​​the culture and the beauty around these cool and comfortable colors.

Tons of mirrors, benches, furniture, organizers, tables, and an array of other cute and colorful accessories brought every part of a home to life from walls to floors to desks and everything else imaginable. Although The Sims 4 you will likely still have more time to get kittens out before then Sims 5 inevitably comes to fruition, the Pastel Pop Kit will be very hard to top as there have been some of the most unique selections since its launch that have been truly exceptional.

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