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From: The Audition Post

The Twitter Files reveal the company’s secret relationship with the US government. Plus, SLAPPs – the tool used by powerful people to silence critical journalism.

The stories that have come out of the Twitter Files have touched on much more than institutional bias – revealing that some very powerful institutions have been pressuring Twitter, for years, the His content to suppress, moderate and in some cases increase.

But since Elon Musk was also selective with what he chose to give to reporters – what are we not seeing in the Twitter Files?

Ben Wallace-Wells – Staff Writer, The New Yorker
Eli Clifton – Senior Advisor, Quincy Institute
Evan Greer – Director, Fight for the Future
Angelo Carusone – President, Media Affairs for the Americas

On our radar:

Another Palestinian killing by Israeli soldiers has led to more misinformation from the military – which Israeli news outlets then legitimately report. Flo Phillips reports on how these trending reports continue.

Threat of SLAPPs

A SLAPP – a strategic anti-public participation lawsuit – is a form of legal action against journalists, academics and public interest activists. Meenakshi Ravi explains how SLAPPs have become a regular tool to silence journalism.

Caroline Kean – media litigation specialist and partner, Wiggin LLP
Paul Radu – Investigative journalist and co-founder, Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project
Annelie Östlund – Investigative journalist, Realtid

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