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men America and Asia, our coverage discusses how ai science can revive. Academic journals and laboratories once revolutionized scientific practice and opened up more powerful ways of making discoveries. AI it has the potential to initiate a similar transformation. It could accelerate the pace of scientific discovery, particularly in areas such as medicine, climate science and green technology.

CEO: How artificial intelligence can change science
Read more: How scientists use artificial intelligence
Listen to the author: How science will be changed by AI

Our second cover, in Europe, looks at the wave of right-wing populism that is threatening the continent. In Germany the obvious xenophobic choice for Germany has become the second most popular party. Poland’s nationalist government could win another term in next month’s election. And next year could bring more bad news. As the hard right comes closer to power across Europe, the middle ages need a new plan.

CEO: EU liberals need better ways to deal with republicans
Summary: The hard right is getting closer to power across Europe
Read more: Germany’s hard-line AfD puts other parties in the right position

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