TikTok: emoji acting challenge and Video explored

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TikTok has got another new trend and it is none other than the “Emoji Acting” challenge. Well, while this trend is linked to emojis. Users are literally loving this new trend. In case, you haven’t tried it yourself. So here’s what we all know about it. As you can try yourself.

Read on to know more about TikTok going viral with its “Emoji Acting” challenge.

TikTok has found a new trend in the “Emoji Acting” challenge

Tiktok never fails to amaze people with their viral and interesting trends and challenges. So far we have had thousands of trends and challenges. There’s an “emoji acting” challenge that’s going viral on the app recently. This challenge is basically about social media emojis.

The name of the trend itself suggests what this trend could be. One gets some emojis on their screen. When they have to act like them. This trend has become popular on the app. Thousands of videos have been made on this trend so far. However, if you are not aware of this trend. Then you should catch that too.

What made the “Emoji Acting” challenge go viral on TikTok?

The “Emoji Acting” challenge on TikTok is going viral because people love emojis. Be it any social media platform. Emojis are everywhere, that’s why people are loving this trend even on TikTok. In this trend all you have to do is select some emojis and then make sentences connected with the emojis.

After that, you will need to act according to the emojis that appear on your screen. Many users have tried this trend by using their own touch. Everyone liked the trend of emoji acting. While they also gave it to others.

Had to give @evanhufferd a shot 😂 / C: @noble_son #emojichallenge #acting ♬ Follow Noble Son on Spotify – Noble Son

User reaction to the “Emoji Acting” challenge

Whenever something comes on TikTok and goes viral, users love to try new trends every time. Same goes for the Emoji Acting Challenge. Meanwhile, emoji is everyone’s favorite. The trend that comes out of it is sure to make everyone crazy.

@xdkaje #emotional #acting #emojichallenge #empath ♬ Say Something – I’m On Record by Piano Covers Club

So users on TikTok tried the emoji acting challenge in their own way. Some of them even made a fun version of the trend. They made themselves emoji based skits.

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