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The underwater Victor 6000, the only remotely operated underwater vehicle (ROV) apparently capable of reaching the wreckage of the Titanic, experts say, is where the missing Titan diver may be trapped , has arrived on the scene. Working in four-hour shifts, a team of two pilots navigates and controls its movement from a control room on board the surface ship, the Atalante. A third person in the control room also assists with the mission.

It is reported that the atmosphere back at their base in the south of France is calm, according to the BBC, because the team working on the water has great experience.

The critical oxygen levels aboard the missing submersible Titan have reached critical levels as the five researchers reported having less than an hour’s supply. Oxygen levels are believed to reach zero at 12.08pm GMT.

The Victor 6000, which arrived at the site on Wednesday night aboard the French vessel Atalante near where the Titan was last seen, is believed to be the only ROV capable of reaching the necessary depth to conduct research for the researchers.

As the situation becomes more desperate, it seems that the Victor 6000 is ready to carry out regular reconnaissance missions to find the Titan.

The lights and cameras that the Victor 6000 has on board will allow the crew on the surface vessel to see in real time what is on the ocean floor to a distance that is roughly equivalent to a small tennis court.

The French submarine also has two mechanical arms capable of very delicate movements such as cutting or removing debris.

If the Titan is trapped underwater by the Titanic wreckage, approximately 3,800 meters below sea level, the Victor 6000 must use these mechanical arms to free the explorers.

It is believed that the Titan would take two hours to then rise naturally to the surface using its inherent momentum, according to Professor Alistair Greig from University College London.

“Every step will give time and time what we are running out of,” he said.

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Dr Rob Larter of the British Antarctic Survey told the BBC that he believed it was impossible for ships on the surface of the sea to detect Titan using sonar because it was too small, meaning that he Victory 6000 is the last hope for the five explorers. .

He said “although it is a critical situation, there is hope, and you have to be optimistic as long as possible”.

British billionaire Hamish Harding, 58, French explorer Paul-Henri Nargeolet, 77, Pakistani father and son Shahzada Dawood, 48, and Suleman, 19, and OceanGate CEO and Titan pilot Stockton Rush, 61, have not been seen since their departure under the water. lost contact with their transport ship the Polar Prince on Sunday morning, a few hours after starting their journey.

Seven ships from the US, Canada and France are involved in the search for the missing Titan five, including the Atalante carrying the Victor 6000.

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