Tom Holland Taking A Break From Social Media, Send His Mental Health ‘spiralling’

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Spider-Man star Tom Holland is taking some time off from all kinds of social media platforms as his mental health is taking a toll on trolls and trolls about him online. The Brit took to Instagram to post his last video before his break, explaining to fans why he hasn’t been active or posting via social media for a while. Despite not knowing how long he will be resting, the Marvel star has been praised for being open and discussing his mental health.

Tom Holland announced on his Instagram handle that he is distancing himself from all social media platforms for his mental health and urged his followers to share his message. Tom Holland has previously deleted his Instagram account but has consistently returned the account. Not many celebrities run social media handles, however, Tom Holland has some hand in his posts. Tom Holland runs a charity called The Brothers Trust, which supports an app called Stem4 aimed at helping teenagers with their emotional well-being. He supported the applications while discussing his own issues.

Tom Holland is taking a break from social media

Generally speaking, because of his time in the MCU, Tom Holland has become one of the biggest young stars in the entire film industry. His most recent appearance in Spider-Man: No Way Home took him to new heights, as that film became the most notable netting non-Avengers film in MCU history behind Tom Holland’s stellar performance. During his time in the MCU, Holland’s presence through social media proved to be quite common, amassing nearly 75 million combined followers on his Twitter and Instagram accounts. He has definitely used this presence to further his films, as well as continuing to be a major part of The Brothers Trust, a foundation set up by Tom Holland’s family that helps provide grants and aid to various causes in need.

Tom Holland is ready to take another social media break. The Spider-Man: No Way Home star has recently put his promotions on hold to sit on stage, and it looks like it’s time again as the entertainer announced on Instagram that he’s taking a step back from the frenzy. Ready to delete his Instagram and Twitter handles from his phone for his emotional well-being. The 26-year-old entertainer shared his concerns with fans in a video clip as he said, ‘I find Instagram and Twitter overwhelming, they’re overwhelming.’ is extremely detrimental to the status quo.’

Tom Holland

Holland began his statement that he had tried to record the video several times but couldn’t get it, according to ComicBook, saying, ‘Hey guys, I’ve been trying to do this for an hour now and somebody who has it. Having spent the last 13, 14 years, no matter how long I’ve been acting, I can’t say what I want to say without ‘uming’ and ‘aring’ like clockwork. So I’m going to try again. He added, ‘So I took some time off from social media for my emotional health.’ After citing his reasons, Tom shut down and I decided to take a step back and delete the application.

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