Tragedy as toddler, 2, dies after plunging from seventh-floor balcony playing with brother

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2-year-old dies after falling from seventh-floor balcony while playing with brother Welcome to #Tragedy #toddler #dies #plunging #seventhfloor #balcony #playing #brother EODBA BlogHere is the latest breaking news and trending broadcast for you today: :

According to the Guardia Civil, authorities in Benefer, Huesca, Spain, were called by witnesses who saw the girl fall around 7.30pm on Monday. She fell from the seventh floor of the building to the first floor balcony of the building.

The house where the girl fell was empty so Guardia Civil officers along with local police broke down the door in an attempt to rescue the girl along with medical teams.

However, after over an hour of resuscitation efforts, the girl was declared brought dead on the spot.

The judicial police team of the Guardia Civil of Barbastro arrived at the scene to investigate the death.

Sources close to the investigation said the little girl was playing with her five-year-old brother while her parents were in another room, according to Spanish news agency Efe.

Sources said the girl’s parents and her brother had gone to meet someone at the seventh-floor flat.

The newspaper Heraldo de Aragón reported that a customer of a pub on the ground floor of the building heard a strange noise which he investigated.

After going to the back of the building, he found the girl’s body on the first floor balcony. There are no balconies on any of the other floors at the rear of the building.

According to Heraldo de Aragon, the customer tried to help the girl himself but could not.

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Earlier this year, a 34-year-old British man died after falling from a seventh-floor balcony in Magaluf.

Police believe he was involved in a dangerous practice known as balkaning.

Balconing involves walking outside a building between two balconies or jumping from a balcony into a swimming pool.

The government of the Balearic Islands – which includes major tourist destinations such as Mallorca and Ibiza – has even gone so far as to ban balkanization, allowing hotels to evict tourists who take part in the dangerous activity.

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