Trump doubled down on the right to sexually assault people, told attorney E. Jean Carroll she’s not the type to invest in insanity

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As you haven’t heard until now, Donald Trump is currently on trial for rape, and so far the civil case does not appear to be going in his favor. Of course, no one knows which way jurors may be bent – but apparently, the taped testimony they heard today didn’t paint him in a great light, because it was ‘ appears the former president doubling down on his appeal, if you are a “star.” ,” it’s okay to sexually assault people — and then insult them E. Jane Carrolland the appearance of the lawyer.

Yes, in a stunning investment – even for Trump – Carroll’s lawyer Robert Kaplan the former president asked about the infamous Get into Hollywood tape in which he told Billy Bush in 2005: “When you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything,” he said, “Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything.” After watching the clip, Trump told Kaplan, “Well, historically, that’s true with stars.” When pressed on whether he stood by those statements – which he engaged in “glaser-room banter” in 2016, later suggesting the tape was not real – Trump responded : “Well, I guess if you look over the last million years, that’s been mostly true – not always true, but mostly true, unfortunately or fortunately .” That’s right: When asked about his claim that it’s okay to grab someone’s genitals without their consent, Trump — while in the middle of a deposition about raping someone — said that it is almost 100% true.“Unfortunately or fortunately”!

When asked if he considered himself a “star,” ie, someone to whom the pussy-holding rule would apply, Trump replied: “I think so, yes.”

Surprisingly, this was not even the most spectacular moment of the investment. No, that came later when the former president told Kaplan that he didn’t find her attractive enough to sexually assault him.

By politics:

During the deposition, Kaplan questioned him about several other women who accused him of sexually assaulting him, women Trump has identified as his “type.” Getting more pointed, Trump told Kaplan himself that “you wouldn’t be an option for me either, to be honest.” He said: “I would have no interest in you under any circumstances.”

Whether or not the jury finds Trump guilty of rape, it would be nice if Americans could come together and decide that he should at least not be elected president. – again.

Nothing to see here, just Ron DeSantis’ continued attempt to ruin the lives of trans people

Hey look, it’s the ruler without a soul! According to NBC News:

Florida Republicans on Wednesday approved bills to ban diversity programs in colleges and prevent students and teachers from using agents that don’t match someone’s biological sex, building on the governor’s top priorities Republican Ron DeSantis. Both proposals ultimately gained passage with Republican majorities in the House and Senate. DeSantis is expected to sign the bills into law.

The state legislative session, which ends this week, has been dominated by divisive cultural issues, with DeSantis’ Republican allies approving his priority bills on sexual orientation, gender identity , race and education that are expected to support the governor in his presidential bid.

Also on Wednesday, Florida House Republicans passed DeSantis’ priority bill prohibiting colleges from using state or federal funds for diversity, equity and inclusion programs. The cheapest state, of course.

Welcome to the GOP court of law

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