Twisters trailer takes the Super Bowl by storm

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The trailer for Twisters debuted during Super Bowl LVIII, giving disaster movie fans their first look at the unrebooted reboot.

The first trailer for the upcoming non-sequel Twisters has arrived, taking the Super Bowl by storm as it began.

After a brief teaser at Super Bowl LVIII, the Twisters trailer hit the web, with the ominous warning, “Whatever it is, it’s big and it’s moving fast. “ We then get a hype call and response from, “If you feel” … “Go ahead!” – which we must admit would make a good reputation! The action only expands with the warning that the team will be facing a couple, hence the film’s title.

But lest you think this is a direct sequel to the 1996 Oscar-nominated award Twist, you can see that none of the remaining original cast members – Helen Hunt, Cary Elwes, Jami Gertz, and more (unfortunately, Bill Paxton and Philip Seymour Hoffman had untimely deaths) -. That’s because of Universal’s Twisters it doesn’t depend as much on the former as you might think, instead hoping to chart its own course. However, there are a couple of nods to the 1996 film, such as the “We have a couple!” the line comes off as a nod to “We got cows!”. There is, also, a version of Dorothy, the sensory capture capsule seen in the original.

As star Glen Powell (Top Gun: Maverick) previously mentioned, Twisters Yes “Definitely not a reboot. We are not trying to recreate the story from the original. It is a completely original story. No characters from the original film are back, so it’s not a sequel. It’s just his story alone in the present day. I don’t think anyone has raised it [Twister] into forever, but talking to people, they’re like, ‘That was one of my favorite movies growing up. That movie scared me.”

In addition to Powell, Twisters has a surprisingly strong cast that includes Daisy Edgar-Jones (Normal People), Anthony Ramos (In the Heights), Brandon Perea (Nope), David Corenswet (set for Clark Kent / who played Superman for DC), and Kiernan Shipka (Biography of Sabrina free).

Twisters directed by Minari’s Lee Isaac Chung and written by Mark L. Smith, who recently wrote George Clooney’s The Boys in the Boat, as well as The Revenant. Twisters coming to theaters 19 July.

What do you think of the first trailer for Twisters? Can it stand on its own despite its connection to the 1996 film? Give us your opinion in the comments section below!

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