Tyrese sues for Airbnb changes without owner’s consent

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Airbnb owner wants Tyrese Gibson To provide $25,000 for what they say were “excessive alterations” to their property.

Tiffany Webb she reportedly gave Tyrese several months to fix up her home, according to TMZ. But Tyrese reportedly didn’t. Instead, the R&B singer allegedly stopped returning emails, texts and phone calls. In response, Webb filed the lawsuit.

According to Webb’s property manager, Tracy Wolf, Tyrese was supposed to be in the home for six months. He signed the lease on the five-bedroom home at a rate of $20,000 per month. The contract for the Woodland Hills building began in February.

Lawsuit Describes “Damage” on Airbnb

Wolf claims that Tyrese began renovating the property shortly after it started. The owners had reportedly asked him not to make any changes without written permission. Despite several warnings, he reportedly hired contractors to make changes “on a match,” according to TMZ.

Wolf says Gibson made permanent changes to the Airbnb home despite being assured it was temporary. He reportedly asked the building’s gardener to remove 22 banana trees. After refusing the task, Tyrese tried to hire an outside company, but property management intervened.

The artist also reportedly had a construction crew drilling holes in the home’s iron gate and modern exterior.

Inside the home, he reportedly painted a marble fireplace a metallic gold color. The suit says he changed electrical panels and installed outlets that are not up to code. He reportedly damaged the HVAC units and closed doors and windows.

Tyrese denies the lawsuit’s allegations

Meanwhile, Tyrese says all the changes he made were temporary with his and his daughters safety in mind. In a video obtained by TMZ, it shows the interior of the building with doors covered with wooden boards.

The service reportedly reached out to Tyrese for comment but did not hear back.

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